Worst Grammys snubs: Biggest shutouts of all time

You can’t win them all. Or in some cases, you can’t earn any. There are 18 musical artists who have the unfortunate distinction of receiving six or more nominations in a year from the Grammys…and winning none. Scroll down to see the full list with every price they have. doesn’t take home that night.

The problem with a historic Grammy shutout is that Recording Academy voters have to love you enough to nominate you that many times, and it’s often bad luck that keeps you out of the winner’s circle. Consider India.Arie. She was nominated seven times in 2002, including a sweep of the four general domain categories – just over a dozen artists have already done so. Sadly, most of those nominations were against a more high-profile R&B breakout. Alicia’s Keyswho beat Arie five times while U2 (“Walk On”) slipped him the record of the year and the “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” the soundtrack beat it for album of the year. But it all worked out in the end for Arie, who has won multiple Grammys since those historic losses.

That’s the case for most of the Grammys’ worst shutouts. Some artists have followed their shutouts with bushels of Grammy statues to make up for it like Kendrick Lamar. Others already had impressive collections before their unlucky nights like Jay Z and Kanye Westtwo of the most award-winning artists in Grammy history despite going zero for eight in their worst years, and Billie Eilish, who had won record of the year twice in a row and album of the year once before the party, she went zero for seven. In fact, all but one of these artists are Grammy winners. And the only one who isn’t (R&B singer-songwriter Overlook) was only ruled out in 2022, which gave him plenty of time to put Ws on the board to balance the Ls.

So sometimes the academy gives and the academy takes away. Scroll down to count the worst shutouts in Grammys history.

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