Western bands Pa. Sourmash and Andy Davis win Josie Music Award



A handful of musicians from western Pennsylvania rocked the seventh annual Josie Music Awards last weekend, scoring victories in two categories at the nation’s largest independent music awards show.

Mount Pleasant country singer Andy Davis took home the award for Modern Male Country, and Sourmash from Alle-Kiski Valley took home the Artist of the Year award in the “Rock” category.

“Honestly, we weren’t expecting it at all,” said Tim Henry of Leechburg, singer and guitarist for Sourmash. “Given that this was the last one they announced” – the band was up for three Josie Awards in total – “we kind of thought it was all over by that point.”

For Davis, who was also nominated for three awards and had the chance to perform his latest single, “Tonight, “at the awards ceremony, the evening was” a bit surreal “.

“With the amount of work that went into making last year a success and unfolding the way it did – to come full circle this moment was pretty crazy,” he said in hearing his name called from the stage.

Held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, September 17-18, the Josie Music Awards kicked off in 2015. The band’s nominating committee sifts more than 38,000 nominations from around the world to determine annual nominees.

And while Sourmash’s music has been featured in movies and television shows, receiving industry recognition is “on a different level,” Henry said.

“It was a nice surprise and we had a big party afterwards,” he added. “And I hope that, in part because Andy Davis was there and did well, I hope that helps put the local music scene a bit more on the map.”

Both groups will do their part to achieve this goal: Davis will play a concert in his hometown Friday night at 8:15 pm at the Mount Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival; and Sourmash will perform on Saturday at the All Saints Brewing Company Oktoberfest in Hempfield.

“We’re going to keep pushing,” Davis said. “I think now is the time to dig in and see what we can do. ”

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