WATCH THIS: Stereotyd is a group of teenagers from Manchester bringing back the grunge



Wow – out of nowhere comes this killer song.

A few minutes after I’m on TV talking about Nirvana, something really exciting happens – a group of teenagers playing with the same kind of explosive intensity as the genius group appear out of nowhere fully formed and thrilling, noisenik, passionate, explosively beautiful, exciting a brilliant surf on angst and the loud / silent guitar thing… and they rule.

The stereotypes are originally from Manchester and are teenagers and are finally the heaviest rock band the city has been waiting for.

Just when any form of music becomes a piece of music with a very specific, past-trapped story, then a bunch of pesky teens reinvent it! Grunge is now so intertwined with Nirvana’s narrative and the subject of books and documents that it would seem like a dead form, but in the hands of teenage group Manc Stereotyped (check out their Instagram), it’s one thing. explosive and their first single The Only One is dynamic, intense and exciting.

Meeting up in elementary school and quickly exploring music, they’re still super young and bring that teenage angst to form. Dynamic songs, emotional intensity, explosive choruses and great tunes were always going to return someday at the least likely time. What is more remarkable is that there is a thriving 21st century grunge scene led by Grungepop Recorords who work hard to spread the word armed with enthusiasm and a stable of like-minded souls and great bands (contact Grungepop here)

Stereotypical maybe out of step with everything but this is the perfect place to be in pop culture. It helps that they’re awesome. It’s the past turned into the future and they sound so urgent and exciting and armed with murderous songs that they just might be the soundtrack to a loud, urgent and intense 2022.

Here is which guitarist Jacob Webb had to say about “The only”:

“This is someone who has lost control and is sinking into depression and cannot come to terms with the anger he is facing.”

And here is this singer / guitarist Spencer mccall had to say about the track:

“I think The Only One is a mix of 90s alternative rock and one of my personal influences, My Chemical Romance. Every part of the track is massive, from Jacob’s rumbling rhythm and Keenan’s melodic, punchy bass. I think it’s a song that would never work without one of us. I think it’s the most unified that we are in a song.


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