Universal Music Publishing China opens new office in Shanghai


Universal Music Publishing (UMP) China has opened a new office in Shanghai.

The company says the move “significantly expands UMPG’s operations in China,” where it first entered two years ago.

At an opening event held in the offices, UMPG also launched its Chinese version of UMPG Window.

Window is an international royalty portal for songwriters and is now the first local language version of UMPG in Asia.

UMPG says its Window portal provides songwriters with “transparent and easy-to-use royalty information,” including real-time data, information and analysis.

The portal can also be profiled with multidimensional analysis and visualized on desktop and mobile devices.

The news follows the appointment of Joe Fang as the very first Managing Director of UMPG, China, who took office in May 2020.

“UMPG has always been committed to putting songwriters first. “

Mo LiangJin (莫 亮 金), Jing’an CPC

Mo LiangJin (莫 亮 金), Jing’an CPC committee member and director of the advertising department, said: audiences.

“The opening of the new UMP office is a strong support for Jing’an District to continuously promote the development of a high-level, multidimensional cultural and creative industry.

“Jing’an District is committed to creating an optimal business environment while providing thoughtful business services to support the future growth of UMP China.

“We have established a new office in Shanghai with the best team in the business. “

Joe Fang, UMP China and Hong Kong

Joe Fang, general manager of UMP China and Hong Kong, said: “About a century ago, a group of modern music companies were born on the banks of the Huang Pu River in the big city of Shanghai and entered in history.

“Today, we have established a new office in Shanghai with the best team in the business, a premier creative space and ready to serve a new generation of Chinese musicians eager to demonstrate their cultural confidence to the world through music.”

“We are convinced that UMP China will continue to contribute to the added value of Chinese copyright industries, an important part of the Council’s ‘Plan to build a powerful country with intellectual property rights’ (2021-2035) of state.

“I am very grateful for all the incredible support we have received from the Shanghai Jing’an government, and incredibly honored to be part of the new chapter in the musical history of this great city.

“The seeds of the next generation of Chinese music have been planted in this soil today.”

“Today is really a big step forward for Universal Music Publishing in China. “

Andrew Jenkins, UMPG Asia-Pacific

Andrew Jenkins, President of UMPG Asia-Pacific, greeted guests to the event via video, saying, “Today is really a big step forward for Universal Music Publishing in China.

“I know the office will be a creative center of excellence not only for China, but for the region and for Universal Music around the world.

“I look forward to our staff working with the best Chinese talent to create songs that will resonate with people around the world.

“I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Wang Hua, for you have helped us tremendously to make this dream come true and made us feel incredibly welcome.”

“I am particularly impressed by the commitment of UMP China to invest and develop Chinese musical talent.

Chengzhi Jin (金承志), Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Singers

Chengzhi Jin (金承志), Founder and Artistic Director of Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Singers, said, “I feel confident and proud that my musical works are represented by UMP China, a team that truly understands, appreciates and respects music and musicians.

“I am particularly impressed with UMP China’s commitment to invest and develop Chinese musical talent, as they are always ready to provide support, resources and opportunities to the local songwriting community.

“I cannot miss the opportunity today to celebrate the opening of UMP China in Shanghai, where I have worked and lived for years.

“I hope our performance here will be accepted as a token of congratulations and appreciation.”Music trade around the world

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