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Following a dispute, the estate of the late Frederick ‘Toots’ Hibbert settled with members of his former accompaniment group, the Maytals, over the use of the name, and the group now uses a new name. – O’Bessa.

A press release titled “Toots’ Estate Reaches Amicable Settlement with Former Support Group” states that “a ceasefire [and] A letter of disclaimer was sent to the musicians on July 15 by the California law firm Isaacman, Kaufman, Painter, Lowy and Zucker, which represents the Toots Hibbert estate ”.

The statement quotes Toots ‘daughter, Leba Hibbert, as saying: “Maytals’ name belonged to my father, and since he is no longer there physically, it now belongs to his estate.”

In July, there were reports of a looming legal battle between the Maytal and the succession of the reggae legend over the use of the name. At that time bassist Jackie Jackson said The gleaner that the matter was in the competent hands of counsel for the band. The musicians who make up the group are Jackson, Charles Farquharson on keyboards, Paul Douglas on drums and Radcliffe Bryan and Carl Harvey on guitar.

Acknowledging that the Toots estate retained full ownership of the Maytals name and brand, the band members, in a joint statement, performed their song. They stressed that they “were not trying to plead who are or are not the Maytals” and that “Toots himself was never confused as to who he considered to be the Maytal”.

The musicians “who provided the groove and pulse behind Toots Hibbert” pointed out that the title itself was ironic, and “obviously the estate thinks we are. [the Maytals] or we wouldn’t have this conversation ”.

Going into detail, the Maytals-now-O’Bessa explained that the argument “is that the key members of the group who have supported Frederick ‘Toots’ Hibbert since the 1970s were only mercenaries and as such were not allowed to use the name Maytals ”.

Giving a history lesson, they said, “The original Maytals are Toots Hibbert, Jerry Mathias and Raleigh Gordon. However, when Mathias and Gordon left in the early 1980s, it was understood that the band, which at the time consisted of Paul Douglas, Jackie Jackson, Hux Brown, Winston Wright and Carl Harvey, who had replaced original guitarist Radcliff Bryan , were the Maytal. Over the decades there have been several permutations, with changing background singers and other musicians replacing and replacing others who were gone or died. Know that Toots himself was never confused as to who he considered the Maytals to be. It was the musicians who gave him the safety net and the confidence to take the stage in front of a stadium-sized audience without even a rehearsal. The last time the subject was brought up was in the library at the K-West Hotel in London, England. It was the man himself who said, “Who else can make that statement? You are the Maytals! This was said in the presence of witnesses.

Rather than wrestling with the estate and enduring costly and lengthy litigation, the musicians say they have “decided that we and our fans will be better served by moving forward and putting our energies into creative endeavors.” .

“Putting the hood ornament of a Mercedes on a Toyota doesn’t change the car. Fans who have been with us for the past 50 years know who the main ones are, and all you need to do is start checking out the album’s credits or even YouTube.

They promise that as O’Bessa, they “will bring the best of the Toots and Maytals experience and unveil the band’s talents that were hitherto hidden.” We are doing everything we can ”.

Toots died at West Indies University Hospital on September 11, 2020, and the group has not been on the road since, due to the global pandemic. However, a September 4 event at the iconic Roundhouse in London, England featuring the Maytals has been postponed due to the cease and desist letter.

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