The Wombats Release New Interactive Music Video Game Inspired by “This Car Drives All By Itself”

The Wombats are launching a new interactive musical video game inspired by

Crazy rock band The Wombats go the extra mile to learn how to interact more with their audience. With the rise of video games only accelerating, with games such as Fortnite and Mario Kart now dominating the country, it only makes sense for the rock band to go the video game route for their fans.

According to NME, The Wombats have partnered with Be-Games to create the first-ever music video game. The mobile game is inspired by the band’s hit song “This Car Drives All By Itself” which is taken from their number one album Fix yourself, not the world .The game is inspired by the official music video. In the game, you choose your character from the group – Matthew Murphy, Tord Overlord or Dan The Man.

The objective of the game is to avoid tracks and obstacles as you try to get to the concert. The tracks in the game are taken from the places the band has performed, all over the world.

Bee-Hookd Digital CEO Jam Allison explained why combining music with video games is a smart idea: “Be-Games is pioneering music video games to bring fans and artists the best of both worlds. A playable music video on App Stores opens up an ever-expanding mobile gaming space that had more than 2.6 billion players last year.

The player sees himself racing against other players on different tracks like France or the UK, while giant octopuses and billboards from The Wombats zoom across the screen.


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