The music of Nine Inch Nails was inspiring and educational: Pentagram



A popular Indian rock actor based in Mumbai, Pentagram has grown into one of the country’s most iconic rock groups in 25 years. The four-member band made up of Vishal Dadlani (vocals), Randolph Correia (guitars), Shiraz Bhattacharya (drums) and Papal Mane (base), will soon deconstruct the music of American rock group Nine Inch Nails as part of Paytm Insider’s Jim Beam Originals, October 9 and 13, respectively.

“The use and exploration of electronic, lo-fi, industrial sounds, so to speak, is this common point (link between their music). Yes, through the years of their evolution, Nine Inch Nails has definitely been a band that we have checked out. They have always been inspiring and educational, ”the group said in an interview.

Although there is no memory that they have already covered any of their songs, they do remember, starting their experiments with sound samples, through the music of Nine Inch Nail. “It was a beat that we sampled from a Nine Inch Nails track and mixed with Pearl Jam’s’ Black ‘in the late’ 90s, which is our experience of taking samplers and synths on the go, ”they add.

The band’s iconic song, “Hurt” has been performed by many musicians including Johnny Cash. As an Indian group, Pentagram assures that their interpretation of the popular song will be “special”.

“We think it would be a four-piece Alt group approach, trying to keep that emotion which is delicate, but we assure you it will be special,” they concluded.


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