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The Collektives @ Monty’s SunsetThe Collectives

Sat, Apr 30, 6:00 PM — 9:00 PM (EDT, UTC-04)
Montys Sunset, 300 Alton Road, Miami Beach

Miami Beach – The Collektives are back to celebrate life and music with all the feel-good beats and sunset vibes. Put on your tiny bikini or don’t, but jump and jump to say hello or sing a song with the band. If you don’t know Monty’s Sunset is a waterfront seafood restaurant with a raw bar, featuring live music and DJs, happy hours, and TV sports.

The Collektives are an up-and-coming band from Miami with an alternative rock/pop sound. Earning a reputation for uplifting performances that resonate with audiences. Front vocalist Tatiana Blades leads with incredible power and a distinctive voice that is synonymous with the Blades family name.

Known for adding top local musicians to their gigs (hence the band’s name), additional companions often rotate between performances: Chris Rodriguez (drummer 2); Diego Fernandez (lead guitar) and Harold Trucco (lead guitar). Each member breathes new life and style into the band’s original music and famous cult classics. Known for delivering music that is an ambitious blend of dreamy vocals, hooks and powerful songs that connect with listeners, the band have played such renowned venues as America’s Backyard, La Tropical, Oak Garden Miami, Bar Nancyand recently at Seaglass Experience 2022. group friends, Eddy Gatoe — Rhythm Guitar & Joe Hernandez — Drummer (former members of punk band, Dyslexic Postcards)together are the founding members of the group. Gaston Zukowski joined the trio in 2019 as lead bassist.

2022 hosted the February 11 release of “IDK What is love? – a moving and honest song about the complexities of love. “La Di Da”, follows as the next in line with catchy and powerful hooks singing a long riff. The song is currently in its infancy and is being co-produced alongside Grammy-winning writer and singer, Roberto Blades – with an expected release date of June to July 2022.

Originals: “Let go” is a simple ditty about accepting the realities of life. The lyrics are simple but the point should not be ignored; “Honky Tonk” is an energetic and overwhelming homage to the country subgenre; “All in Me” – uplifting with a catchy melodic beat and an upbeat message about finding yourself.

To learn more about the Collektives and listen to their music, visit Be sure to check out their cool new Merch line to show your support for these up-and-coming rockers.

About Tatiana Blades – Puerto Rican/Panamanian rising artist known for her distinctive voice, bohemian style and praised for her dynamic stage presence. Daughter and niece of Grammy-winning salsa legends Roberto Blades and Ruben Blades. Lead singer and songwriter of The Collektives, she makes a name for herself creating upbeat songs that resonate with the complexities of life. New to the music scene, she is gaining a reputation for her vocal performances that transcend genre boundaries and captivate audiences.

About Monty’s Sunset

Located poolside and waterfront on the docks of Miami Beach’s scenic marina, Monty’s Sunset is South Beach’s premier spot for casual dining, freshly caught local seafood, succulent raw bar , live music and the most beautiful sunsets in South Florida. It’s the perfect place for lunch, dinner, happy hour, special occasions, live music or any major sporting event, Monty’s Sunset has something for everyone. Monty’s is at 300 Alton Road Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Free parking.

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