Tempe street signs honor local rock band

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If you drive past Creamery Park on Eighth Street, starting in October, you’ll see new, colorful street signs. The city of Tempe honors the Gin Blossoms group by designating part of Eighth Street as “Allison Road Avenue”.

The band made the announcement of the new street designation at their June 9 concert.

“Tempe is my forever home and heart. My recording studio was on 8th Street inside Four Peaks Brewery for 20 years. There are no words for the intense pride I feel for this honour,” singer Robin Wilson said.

“I was born and raised in Tempe, and my mom and dad worked for the city, so it’s a real honor for us,” said guitarist Jesse Valenzuela. “Tempe is a great place to call home.”

It’s the 30th anniversary of the band’s iconic album, New Miserable Experience. The Gin Blossoms are credited with starting what has been nationally called “The Tempe Sound”. They were among the first and best known local Tempe bands to hit the national airwaves in the 90s, along with The Refreshments (now Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers) and the Gunslingers.

Some of Gin Blossoms’ biggest hits are featured on the New Miserable Experience album, including Hey Jealousy, Mrs. Rita, Until I Fall Away, Found Out About You and Allison Road.

New Miserable Experience has sold over 5 million albums, charted for nearly three years and produced five hit singles, including Allison Road.

“I have many fond memories of seeing the Gin Blossoms perform on Mill Avenue,” said board member Joel Navarro. “They were our own Tempe band, but they also got national attention in our city. The fact that this album still plays on the radio today testifies to their talent. The Tempe City Council is pleased to honor the band with Allison Road Avenue.

Tempe street signs honor the signals of local rock band az

From October 14, people will effectively be able to drive on Allison Road Avenue. Signs will be installed from the rural road to Una Avenue. This does not change the mailing addresses on Eighth Street. It is an honorary designation.

For those wishing to visit other Gin Blossoms locations, head to 115 W. University Dr. The song’s namesake, Ms. Rita, is located there. The band also has a Walk of Music plaque on Mill Avenue and Fourth Street in downtown Tempe, where the band often played.

“It’s a nice feeling to honor the Gin Blossoms and their love for their hometown of Tempe,” said Mayor Corey Woods.

The band is on tour this fall. Get a list of dates and stream New Miserable Experience.

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