Suresh Productions ventures into the music industry with SP Music: “Music has been at the heart of our films”


Suresh Productions entered the music industry on Thursday with the launch of SP Music. The renowned production house, founded by the late Daggubati Ramanaidu in 1964, announced the launch of the music label on Twitter.

“With its immense contribution to cinema for over 50 years, Suresh Productions is now poised to take it up a notch and foray into the music space with the launch of Suresh Productions Music. Music has always been at the heart of our films, and we recognize the need to celebrate it distinctly as his own. Continuing the legacy of Suresh Productions, SP Music aims to serve as a platform to produce fine music and become an unwavering musical powerhouse, ”Suresh Productions said in a statement.

Suresh Productions, a subsidiary of Ramanaidu Studios, ventured into film production with the late Ramudu Bheemudu of NTR in 1964. Over the past five decades, she has produced over 150 films in 13 different languages.

While Ramanaidu’s eldest son, Suresh Babu Daggubati is the Managing Director of Suresh Productions, his younger son Venkatesh Daggubati manages the studio’s operations. Rana Daggubati is Ramanaidu’s grandson.

On the labor side, Suresh Productions is currently funding projects such as Virataparvam, Narappa and Drishyam 2.

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