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Carmel’s Sunset Cultural Center announced the initial lineup for its 2022-23 series of concerts, theatrical productions and comedy earlier this month, primarily to help Bravo member patrons make decisions ahead of the start date. public sale on July 7 at noon. The initial 16-show offering currently available in the 19th season of Sunset Presents will most likely be topped up during the holiday season, by Sunset Presents and outside promoters. So when you make choices, realize that there are more surprises to come.

The starting lineup is fabulous and some events are already seeing a lot of movement in Bravo member ticket sales.

During a conversation with the Centre’s artistic director, Christine Sandin, she revealed that there would still be plenty of places available for the general public as there are only a few hundred customers with early access and that does not does not necessarily mean that all the best seats are taken. . The venue has a capacity of 718 people and for the most part every seat is excellent. So if there’s something you really can’t miss and you want the best seats available, get your tickets early. Additionally, because we live in a time when circumstances can change quickly, Sandin reassured that the venue is very lenient in its refund and ticket exchange policy.

“We are following COVID protocols in the county and state,” she said. “And for the moment, there are no mandates. It all depends on the discretion of the organization and OSHA guidelines for our workers. It was a very difficult decision to make whether to remove all previous protections. Our staff was divided. I think we settled in the right place (no proof of vaccines or mandatory mask). Protect yourself or don’t come, we understand.

She added that there will be presenters and performers who have different COVID-19 protocols than the Sunset Center.

The September 14 opening act is the one that got me the most excited, although Sandin mentioned that there wasn’t much local recognition for Rodrigo and Gabriela. Let me give you a hint. This acoustic guitar duo is amazing. I’ve been a fan since their debut on the scene two decades ago, having broken up in the Santa Cruz area when I was on the beat of the music there. In the years since, they have grown worldwide and often sell out stadiums and arenas. The Mexican guitar duo won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Album 2019, “METTAVOLUTION,” the one they’re still touring for since the pandemic sidelined them during their original tour.

The two musicians met when they were both 15 years old in Mexico City in a metal band Tierra Acida. They decided to break away and developed a musical style that harnessed the sparkle, power and speed of death metal and filtered it through the passion, soul, technique and discipline of nuevo flamenco. Gabriela (Quintero) has a catchy, syncopated percussive style of rhythm punctuated by fast-fire strummed vamps, and Rodrigo (Sanchez) soars and dives amidst the powerful energy with incendiary, one- and two-string melodic leads. Their songs vary between the intensity of this combination and extremely delicate and beautiful interludes that will grip your emotional center like a vise.

They have nine full recordings to their name, with two live recordings in this mix. Almost all of their songs are original compositions, with the exception of a few choice covers including “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. I highly recommend you try this duo.

The Jefferson spacecraft visits the Sunset Center in Carmel on September 22. (Damion Lloyd Photography)

In a brief lineup preview, legendary San Francisco acid rock band Jefferson Starship will return to the Monterey Bay on September 22, featuring original Jefferson Airplane member David Freiberg and original Jefferson Starship drummer Donny Baldwin. , along with long-time member Chris. Smith, Jude Gold and the amazing Cathy Richardson on vocals (a Grace Slick-approved choice). I saw them right before the pandemic and they sounded great doing all the songs you know and love back then.

A controversial comedian and actor appears on October 7 for audiences 18 and older only. An Evening with Marc Maron features the hard-hitting comedic banter of the producer of the WTF podcast with Marc Maron, which averages six million downloads per month.

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, appears on October 8, performing the music of Bob Dylan. The three Grammy winners are best known for their hit ‘Mr. Bojangles.’ The roots music legend will explore Dylan’s songs on their new release ‘Dirt Does Dylan’.

An Aquila Theater production of “Pride & Prejudice” will follow on October 14, followed by “Spooky Silents” by Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra. Having previously appeared here in 2018, Sandin said the audience loved it. A large format cinema screen is installed behind the small ragtime orchestra. The theme is Halloween and there will be long excerpts from different films. What’s so cool about Sunset Presents shows is that there are forms of entertainment we don’t normally get alongside our favorite music and dance numbers.

“As always, I go for a diversity of presentation in terms of art form or genre as well as audience,” Sandin said. “This year we really reflected and recognized that we were in a really tumultuous time. We are not a political entity and we strive to be as much of a unifying force in the community as possible. Obviously there is a lot of controversy in our world. I try to book thought-provoking presentations where we can provide a place for conversation and reflection, without necessarily saying that this presentation is going to tell you how to think or feel about this particular issue. Or even a bit of levity, as in the case of Capitol Comedy. It’s a hoot of a show. It’s right before the election. These comedians are making fun of both sides of the aisle. And making caricatures of every political trait. We can’t take ourselves so seriously. We have to move on. This show is one of my choices.

Capitol Comedy will take place on November 3. After the comedy, the Carmel Dance Festival’s resident company, Ballare Carmel, will have its world premiere on November 4 and 5.

“Director Lillian Barbeito’s ensemble is quickly becoming known for her extraordinary dancers and superb choreography that tells local stories, myths and exploits through contemporary dance. Ballare Carmel will feature three world premieres by eminent choreographers: Brooklyn-based Jennifer Archibald, Zurich-based Ihsan Rustem, and Los Angeles-based James Gregg, with live music by special collaborator Edwin Huizinga,” as described in Brochure.

The Jazz of Branford Marsalis and his band visits the Carmel Sunset Center on March 15.  (Photo by Eric Ryan Anderson)
The Jazz of Branford Marsalis and his band visits the Carmel Sunset Center on March 15. (Photo by Eric Ryan Anderson)

A few holiday favorites follow. The Vienna Boys Choir appear the night after Thanksgiving, November 25, and The TEN Tenors appear just before Christmas on December 21. In the new year there are some really exciting shows. From Broadway, the heartbreaking Aretha Franklin experiences RESPECT on January 8. Jazz at Lincoln Center presents “Songs We Love” on January 28. Beloved gospel and soul singer Mavis Staples appears on February 15. group come on March 15, and to celebrate Cesar Chavez Day, there is “A Song for Cesar”, on March 31. This program features a documentary on the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez and the farm labor movement he led. It is followed by a live musical performance by Abel Sanchez & The Song for Cesar Band. This is the performance presented as part of the Sunset Center’s Classroom Connections program, which educates and inspires local students.

“The musicians will be here that week and will be in the schools (in Salinas) working with the students. We will have a student matinee,” Sandin said.

Gospel and soul singer Mavis Staples appears at Carmel's Sunset Center on February 15.  (Photo by Myriam Santos)
Gospel and soul singer Mavis Staples appears at Carmel’s Sunset Center on February 15. (Photo by Myriam Santos)

And to top it off, the Electric Light Orchestra Experience on May 17, a superb tribute band with brilliant arrangements and flawless musicality. This is another of the shows that experience fast ticket sales. To attend this concert and any or all of the above, visit for details and to purchase tickets. Sunset Center has many other events that will go live to include performances from Studio 105 and the outdoor patio. For guaranteed seats with popular performance, consider Bravo! membership for pre-sale privileges for next year.

summer music

The Summer Music Series malls overlap Friday. The Money Band kicks off the Carmel Plaza Live Music Series which runs through the month of July. Every Friday from 5-7 p.m., Carmel Plaza restaurants and local wineries are featured with information and opportunities to donate to local charities. Successive Fridays have Fast Times, Red Beans and Rice, Everyday People and Chicano All Stars. Visit for full details. Del Monte Center’s Favorite Fridays, 6-8 p.m., culminates with Santana tribute band Carnival. They are fun events and many people are happy to see them in action again.

Original Rock with Meez831 at Lucy’s in Pacific Grove Saturday 2-4 p.m. Eddie Gutierrez and Gary Moon, two of our legendary rock musicians, perform as a duo Saturday 9-11 p.m. at the Urban Lounge. The Chuck Brewer Band appears at the Salty Seal on Saturday from 8-11 p.m. and the SandBox Sand City has the duo Alma Nova. Visit the sites’ websites for more details if you are unfamiliar with their locations.

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