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Hipbone Sam Band and Rick Mari Band perform Saturday afternoon to Recycled Records at the Route 66 Mother Road International Festival.

Hello everyone and welcome to the final weeks of September 2021 as we take advantage of the start of the fall season. Our live music scene continues, enhanced now by the cooler evening temperatures (mostly) and a lot going on.

First of all, let me apologize for getting ahead of the curve last week by announcing the upcoming music shows at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. The acoustic concert of Welsh native and longtime Chicago resident Jon Langford, the Waco Brothers, Mekons and other alternative country-style groups takes place this Saturday, September 25. Jon performs with his partner John Szymanski for two sets (11 am and 2:30 pm) in the museum’s main covered plaza and is lined up to do an interview between shows in the area hosting the exhibit “The State of Sound: A World of Music from Illinois ”, which focuses on the history of music made in the land of Lincoln.

ALPLM’s other upcoming show will take place on Thursday, September 30, when the Red Prairie Ramblers, an old-time traditional folk and country group that focuses on fiddle and Illinois folk tunes, perform a paid event at Union Theater at 7 p.m. , we’ve got it all sorted out now. I just hope no one showed up disappointed on the wrong day due to my incorrect reporting, but at least it was a week earlier and you’re still not too late.

The big hype this weekend is the return of the International Route 66 Mother Road Festival and Auto Show covering a square nine-block area of ​​downtown. You can read all about it in my cover article (the first for me in several years) in this week’s post. Illinois weather. The article focuses on the history of the festival and recovering from the lost pandemic year, but I’ve saved the best news for my space here. Yes, there is live music on the streets of Springfield for the festival, and it’s again booked and hosted by Mike Austin of Mikey’s Entertainment Service at the Isringhausen Imports Stage on Washington Street between Sixth and Seventh. Lady Luck (including some former Hit Man members) greets the car crowd at 8pm on Fridays with a rock variety ensemble and Harmony Deep keeps the ’70s alive through song at 1pm on Saturdays. When the 3 p.m. burnout contest is over, Folsom Prison Five hands out Johnny Cash at 4 p.m. played Eddie Munster on “The Munsters” TV show around 6pm.

For DIY enthusiasts, Recycled Records hosts its own stage outside Adams’ venerable store near Seventh on Saturday afternoon. From 1 p.m., discover the Rick Mari Band, followed by a sort of Hipbone Sam Band reunion. As you may already know, Mark Kessler, along with his brother and part owner Gary, are going to sell the store – or God forbid, shut it down – by March 31, 2022. They are ready to move on. after a lifetime of being the best record store ever, anywhere, IMHO. So here’s a last-ditch deal to check out some killer bands while browsing the hot rods outside and the cool records inside the one and only Recycled Records.

In the meantime, have fun, be safe, and make sure to research all the other music that is happening all over town. And remember, you have until Monday, September 27, 11:59 p.m. to vote in the famous Illinois weather The best of the Springfield Readers’ Poll. Good luck.


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