Seasoned Rock Band Undermine’s Recent Sublime Line-Up “Frost” Has Huge Impact on Audiences


American cow-punk band Undermine opens the door to a whole new world of versatile music with their rhythmically gorgeous new single ‘Gel’ from the album ‘As above’.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, cowpunk or country-punk has found its place in the United States, particularly in Austin, Texas, with legendary bands such as The Dicks, 13th-Floor Elevators, Butthole Surfers, Blaze and The Huns. Inspired by their contemporary cowpunk group work Undermine took over the stage with their brilliant compositions. The band released a brand new single, ‘Gel’ from their second album, ‘As Above’ released a few days ago. They finished the album despite all the hardships they went through last year. The song is a brilliant manifestation of the band’s creative artistry and boundless imagination. The rhythmic flow effortlessly wows you, bringing out the truest emotions in your heart.

The Austin-based rock band stands out from the crowd with their eclectic and unique thematic approach and performance. Their latest single, ‘Gel’ engulfs the audience with its fiery rhythmic cadence and enticing vocal presentation forming a symphony of pure perfection. Intense instrumental riffs mingle with a powerful vocal performance bringing out the true essence of the sublime lyrical illustration. Undermine is well known for his ability to bring new elements to each of his compositions, thus breaking the monotony of the genre. Follow their website and Facebook for more updates on their future work.

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