Pop Team Epic Sets Episode Count For Season 2

Pop Team Epic kicked off its second season with all franchises returning with new episodes this fall, and the show has confirmed how many episodes the new season will be! The fall 2022 anime schedule is filled with a ton of major franchises that are stacked with some of the biggest new originals and returning series more than any other season of the year so far. This includes everything from high-profile series, even to smaller, wackier series like Pop Team Epic that feature a new slate.

Pop Team Epic is rolling through the show’s second season, and the first reintroduced fans to just how much of a goofy run the franchise is going to have for its new episode slate. As the series prepares to sell its Blu-ray releases overseas, Pop Team Epic Season 2 has revealed that it will run for 12 episodes in total (spread across three releases in Japan). That means it will end its run at the end of the year along with the rest of the fall releases.

With returning writer and director Jun Aoki (Gal & Dino) for Kamikaze Douga and Space Neko Company, Pop Team Epic Season 2 is now streaming new episodes with Crunchyroll. If you wanted to check out the first season of the show and get an idea of ​​how wacky it’s going to be from now on, you can now find the first season streaming with Netflix and Crunchyroll.

They tease what to expect from the show (and will likely still be a long way from what the actual episodes entail) as such, “Raw, rude, and a little…cute? Get ready for the larger-than-life attitude From Popuko and Pipimi, the big and small stars of Pop Team Epic! Based on the bizarre four-panel webcomic by Bukubu Okawa, this is a comedy that will baffle you with its wacky jokes and intense absurdity. You think you’re ready for those girls? Think again, F#%**er!”

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