People celebrate 4th of July at Town Point Park

NORFOLK, Va. – Hundreds of people enjoy July 4 festivities at Town Point Park. With multiple food vendors, many enjoy funnel cakes.

“I was with my family last year, and we came down and watched them. It was very impressive. It was a very nice sight to be able to sit down and all the kids having fun and s ‘have fun,” April Rahn said. .

Rahn flew in from Jacksonville, Florida to enjoy the show.

Another family came to have a good time together.

“Every year I usually come here. We missed last year so we wanted to come this year,” Violet Calhoun said.

Calhoun’s family looks forward to shows and great food.

“Sitting by the water, having a picnic, listening to music and funnel cakes.”

A lot of preparation has gone into Monday’s event and fireworks display. We saw crews setting up the stage for a live band to perform and vendors getting ready.

“It was our first event last year. We’ve been planning for a year to return for the second time since the pandemic,” said Jordan Lett, Marketing Director of Norfolk Festevents.

The city of Norfolk expects thousands of people to watch the fireworks display.

“We’re ready to bring everyone together as a community,” Lett said.

A sea of ​​red, white and blue fills the park.

“We have great weather today, so it’s nice to walk around and enjoy the day. You know, we’re grateful,” attendees told Great American Picnic.

Grateful not only for the beautiful weather, but for celebrating this 4th of July with the family.

Mina and Pat live in Virginia Beach but wanted a change of scenery, which led Mina to bring her sister, Eunice, from London to experience the Mermaid City.

“I was surprised, especially with the boats and other things I saw. I enjoy the scenery, and it’s a great display for me coming from the UK,” Eunice said.

And on a hot day like today, you can’t have fun without eating well! As food vendors prepare for customers, News 3 spoke with the manager of MacBrand Foods, which serves fries, lemonade, fried pickles and more.

“Hopefully this year we’ll do at least as well as last year because COVID hit pretty hard so a lot of us got hurt, but it’s a 4th of July celebration,” said Dan Bohanan.

They make sure they have enough food and drink for a 4th of July like they’ve never seen before.

“We have two big freezers here, so we’re ready,” Bohanan said.

Families of all ages showed up, some showing head-to-toe patriotic pride, with many saying it’s a tradition.

“I love the stands – the concession stands – the food, the music. My son, he plays in the band, so the music is really nice to our ears,” said Annette Parker.

Musical performers included the US Fleet Forces Band and the US Navy Rock band.

Parker, from Norfolk, says this July 4 celebration is one she will never forget.

If you don’t see any fireworks, here are some tips that our News 3 medical expert, Dr. Ryan Light, recommends to stay safe.

“The most important thing is protection from the sun – make sure you have sunscreen. You want to avoid sunburn. It makes you more susceptible to heat injury, heat stroke,” said said Dr. Light.

If you want to indulge in some adult drinks, here’s what Dr. Light recommends:

“Avoid alcohol as much as possible as it will dehydrate you. We want you to get through this holiday and get back to work safely,” he said.

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