Nyangamabwe represents Zim on the world stage



Nyangamabwe, a six-member musical group based in CHITUNGWIZA, is expected to represent the country in a student talent competition, Imagine Festival, to be held virtually on September 4.

Talk to NewsDay Life & Style recently, the group’s representative, Munashe Zvingowaniseyi, said they were eager to compete after a long wait due to the lockdown induced by COVID-19.

“We are happy that the competition is finally here after the COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard and hampered the competition,” he said.

“We won a national competition in 2019 against five other bands at Music Crossroads. We were supposed to go to Poland, but now the competition is going to take place virtually due to COVID-19. “

Zvingowaniseyi said the group will showcase Zimbabwe’s cultural diversity through playing instruments and singing.

“At the festival, students from various music schools will represent their nations, showcasing the diverse cultures of the respective countries.

“There is a price, but we’re not sure what it is yet, but we’re ready to make it our own,” he said.

“Our group is made up of keyboardist Tariro Ruzengwe, with Abel Mafuleni on marimba and vocals, Ebenezer Tsingozizviwa on percussion, Mitchell Gumi on vocals and mbira, Prosper Masumbukera on bass and myself as drummer.

Zvingowaniseyi said the group has organized a series of rehearsals in preparation for the competition.

“We are optimistic that if we work hard we will win this competition. It’s quite a challenge to compete against other countries, especially when we haven’t seen the competitors we face, ”he said.

“We are however confident and up to the task, hoping that our talent will take us to the finals of the competition.

“I think this festival has already opened up a lot of opportunities for us. It gave us the green light to do more and better musically.

In the competition, the group will face other students from Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and France.

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