New show ‘The Muppets Mayhem’ will follow a struggling Muppet band

The Muppets’ staples Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem are getting their own streaming TV show about trying to be a band. It’s called Muppet Mayhemand it will soon premiere on Disney+ after being officially greenlit there this week.

The series will follow the beloved band of The Muppets – titular singer-keyboardist Dr. Teeth, animated drummer Animal, bassist Floyd Pepper, singer-guitarist Janice and saxophonist Zoot – as they attempt to record their first studio-album. We’re sure there will be plenty of jinks along the way.

Longtime Muppets fans will remember the musically comedic crew from Jim Henson’s original The puppet show which premiered in 1975, as well as various Muppet films and specials thereafter. The new show is a project of The Goldbergs creator Adam F. Goldberg with longtime puppeteer Bill Barretta and Jeff Yorkes.

In Muppet MayhemLilly Singh (A little late with Lilly Singh) stars alongside the puppet rockers as Nora, a human A&R leader “charged with managing and battling the mayhem that is The Electric Mayhem Band,” according to a press release.

“The Muppets are renowned for their quality, creativity and unparalleled fun storytelling for the whole family,” Disney Branded Television President Ayo Davis said in a statement picked up by Deadline. “We’re thrilled to have Adam, Bill and Jeff at the helm to bring all of these iconic and awesome new characters to life in new and dynamic ways.”

Jonnie Davis, President of ABC Signature, added, “Adam F. Goldberg is our resident Muppet enthusiast at Signature and playing in the sandbox with longtime Muppet performer Bill, as well as these beloved characters. , was a dream come true for him, Bill and Jeff. Their approach is fresh, fun, musical and of course hilarious. We couldn’t be happier to be the studio helping them bring the band together.

Keep your eyes peeled on Disney+ for Muppet Mayhem. Earlier this year, Foo Fighters went Muppet for Fraggle Rock: back to the rock on the song “Fraggle Rock Rock”.

Muppet Mayhem

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