Morehead Pride Marching Band Excited To Be Back On The Field With New Uniforms | New


While the group’s old uniforms weren’t extremely old, as they were purchased 10 years ago, Hines said the group’s growth in recent years has created a desire to bring the group back to a more traditional style. The old style of uniform was no longer made, so new uniforms were needed as the group grew.

Hines approved the new uniforms in January 2020 and received them in June 2020, but the pandemic kept them hidden in a warehouse until this fall. Hines said he and the group have revised several styles of uniforms to replace the old ones, some being more modern, while others are more traditional.

“The group voted unanimously for the traditional style, and this is the version you see today,” he said.

Hines said another reason the group needed new uniforms was because the older ones were in poor condition.

“The old uniforms were starting to look rough,” he said.

The predominant color of the old jackets was white, and they were starting to fade, and some had fallen victim to mold as well. The old shakos, which were also white, were difficult to clean and were also starting to show signs of wear. The parents of the group had worked tirelessly over the last regular season to clean and repair the uniforms, but some were beyond hope.

“The new uniforms, however, are tailor-made for us and are a traditional military style that will be much easier to maintain and replace,” Hines said. “They are made of a better material and are easier for the band members to wear.”

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