Midwest Avengers celebrates 29 years of music, latest album

This week marks a milestone for a group of skateboarding friends who grew up loving rap and punk music: the Midwest Avengers. Twenty-nine years ago, they began performing as a diverse hip-hop rock band that seamlessly combines musical worlds. Next week, they will celebrate this anniversary with their album release show.

Fridays Saint Louis on the air, band members John Harrington and James Coleman joined host Sarah Fenske to talk about the band’s musical journey and how they got other local artists to collaborate with them on their latest album.

Technically, “Vengadores Del Medio Oeste” was released last year, but COVID-19 prevented the group from putting on their show. The album title is Spanish for Midwest Avengers, paying tribute to the Latin American members of the group.

“We just wanted to make sure that we included all of our elements, because we were represented as we have diversified over all these years. Now that we have new members we want to make sure they feel at home and we also want to open our minds and learn more, ”Coleman said.

The group saw a lot of people coming and going; over 50 people have been part of the band at any given time, and over 150 people help make up the band’s “team” – an assortment of band members, family, friends and fans.

After 29 years, the Midwest Avengers are still breaking new ground with ‘Vengadores Del Medio Oeste’

Brothers and bandmates James Coleman and John Harrington joined in the discussion about their musical journey and their latest album, “Vengadores Del Medio Oeste”.

Midwest Avenger’s unique musical mix has presented challenges for the group in the past.

“We were trying to do a festival or a show with an R&B group or something like that and [some] Black people were like, “Ah, man, we like rap with that, but that white rock metal is a little too hard for us.” So we couldn’t take part in concerts or festivals of R&B, jazz, funk. Turn the script over, we would go try and get on a rock radio station or go on a rock tour and they’d be like, ‘Yo, the band is cool, we like guitars and stuff, but we don’t make it go down with this thing. rap, ”said Harrington Saint Louis on the air.

“There was always an excuse for the people I felt I hated because they knew we were nuts, but tried to give us everything.”

“Vengadores Del Medio Oeste” continues the band’s style of making music about navigating life’s good and bad times, friendships, family and building self-esteem, but this time it also has a list of collaborators who support them.

Their seventh album includes features from new and old artists – Maxa, Mathias James, Teresa Jenee, Frankie DoWop, Blvck Spvde, Kourtney Nicole, Pascal Beauboeuf, Mz. Vizion, DJ VThom and Cheeraz Gorman.

“We change and progress in our sound as we go through 29 years. And now it’s something completely different that no one has necessarily expected from us. And it’s cool to know that we can reinvent ourselves and present something that is always up to date, and not seem like we are falling in love with some guys who have been around for almost 30 years now, ”Coleman said.

Associated event

What: “Release show of the album “Vengadores Del Medio Oeste”
When: 7 p.m. on November 24
Where: Red Flag Concert Hall (3040 Locust St., St. Louis, MO 63103)

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