MEGADETH’s DAVE MUSTAINE: “If you’re a superstar, you don’t really need a band”

During an appearance on the “Talk Is Jericho” podcast hosted by Chris Jericho, MEGADETH chief Dave Mustaine opened up about his working relationship with the band’s lead guitarist Kiko Loureiro with whom he has collaborated since 2015. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET):”Kiko has a very playful character. He looks a lot like a cat, with the way he plays with certain things. I think the differences between dogs and cats are pretty obvious. Kiko is very cerebral with his thoughts; they are very calculated. And he’s really in his — I don’t mean “his own world” because that sounds disrespectful. But Kiko is very happy with his life and where he is going.

“We all face challenges at every stage of our lives, and it’s no different than anyone else,” David continued. “Going on tour for two months when you have five-year-old twins [as Kiko does] challenges. But I think the success of the record right now is setting the stage. As things change for us with our careers, as we begin to learn how to conduct ourselves as businessmen, put some money in the bank, buy a car, buy a house, saving money and planning for the future are things that are all happening right now with Kiko and Dagger [Verbeuren, MEGADETH drummer]. [Kiko‘s] been to this long time.

“It’s really great now because I said [Kiko] when I first met him, I told him, ‘Your life is going to change. I don’t care what size you think [your former band] ANGRA is’ ​​- ‘because I love ANGRA too – but I said, ‘You’re gonna go from being in ANGRA to be a star in MEGADETH.’ And I said, ‘If you play your cards right, you’ll end up being a superstar.'”

Mustaine added: “I’ve always tried to paint the picture, the dynamics, I think, with the group. Sometimes the success of the group is based on the composition of the pyramid of the group. You have your brand player, a lot like in hockey, you have your scorer. And then you have your B-grade players – usually your supporting cast. And then your C-grade players, your defensemen, and then the D-grade, who are your grinders, your this hierarchy around your franchise player is what the success of the team is based on.

“When you have a band that has, say, four guys, we’re going to keep it simple. And the four guys, they just play an instrument. They’re not musicians, they just play instruments. ever. They’ll never make it. So you’ve got a band of four guys and they’re all musicians. Will they make it? They’ll probably make a really good cover band. If you have a band and you have a star in it, will you make it? Probably. But the other guys in that band won’t be around when the smoke clears. If you have multiple stars in the band, chances are they’ll stick together the whole time. time, and there’s a good chance you’ll become a superstar. If you’re a superstar, you don’t really need a band. You want a band sometimes. You find people you really like, but they don’t always keep up. And it’s kind of like being a train of wagons. You don’t can’t have an ox next to a horse [pulling the wagon train]. They are unequally paired.

“I don’t know if you had to do any of those terrible things we call line-up changes. The worst thing is when you have to do a line-up change with a friend,” David said. “Like playing in a band and putting it with high school classmates and having to say goodbye to someone, it’s still painful.

“What I’ve always said is if you go into a band with a friend, be prepared to lose both of them. I think when you have to say goodbye to those guys, a lot of times the friendship is over. So that’s a caveat for young musicians. If you hire someone based on their ability to play, then you never have to explain to anyone why you have a bad bass player? “Well , he’s dating my sister.” “Well, great. He fears. He can’t even play “Dizzy and Confused”.'”

David previously launched his theory of “superstar” musicians during a 2018 interview with mxdwn. Talking about how the metal scene has changed since MEGADETH started in the early 1980s, Mustaine said: “I see it like this: there are people who know how to make music, there are musicians, there are people who are stars, there are people who are superstars, right? guy who knows how to make music can go sit on a piano and play ‘Chopsticks’. A musician can play. A star is someone who can play the piano and you’ll say to yourself, “Wow, this guy is really good. A superstar is someone whose record you already have somewhere in your house. … For instance, ZEPPELIN LEDZEPPELIN LED had four superstars. If you think of a band like, say, AC DC, [they] had perhaps, people would say, two superstars: Angus [Young] and the leader, right? So sometimes, especially when you have a high school band, maybe the four of you are just musicians, but one guy has the spark and he’s got what it takes. And maybe he will become a star. And that’s why most bands don’t succeed, because they only have one guy who’s a star and the rest are just musicians. I think we were very lucky because [then-MEGADETH bassist] Davidit is [Ellefson, bass] had moments of greatness where he went from being a star to a superstar; the most remarkable is the riff for which I wrote “Peace is sold… But who buys? » When I showed him this he embraced it and people fell in love with his game and the rest is history.”

MEGADETHthe new album of, “The sick, the dying… and the dead! » will arrive on September 2 via UMe.

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