Mark your calendars, the new ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone’ document is about to be released

Starting this weekend on Sunday, August 7 on Epix, fans of acclaimed British rock band The Rolling Stones will get what they’ve probably always wanted: a multi-part documentary series that delves deeper into each of the four core members. .

All this on the occasion of the band’s 60th anniversary.

The new docu-series, which follows the fan-favorite Beatles docu-series, Come back, sees its US premiere this month. The film, My Rolling Stone Lifewill likely be heavily watched (see American Songwriter for episode recaps next week.)

The series, which was originally launched by the BBC in the UK, examines the band’s history through four individual episodes of each of the four principals: vocalist and frontman Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards, guitarist Ron Wood and the late drummer Charlie. watts.

Through the series, viewers will see behind-the-scenes footage and stories about each of the artist’s personalities, his cultural impact, and more.

The series was co-directed by Oliver Murray and Clare Tavernor, who have both worked on projects featuring the band in the past. Murray directed the 2019 documentary, The silent, about co-founding bassist Bill Wyman. Tavernor took the lead in the television special on Richards, which came in conjunction with the six-string player’s autobiography, Life.

Other big names on the show include Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Steven Tyler, Slash, and more.

The series is also produced by Steve Condie, SVP, Content, Mercury Studios.

“Compelling musical docuseries have become a mainstay of Epix’s lineup of premium original programming, and My Rolling Stone Life is a perfect complement to this mix,” Epix President Michael Wright said in a statement. “This distinctive documentary captures the raw, organic energy that defines The Rolling Stones and tells the gripping and epic story of their journey. I’m thrilled that viewers will experience this legendary band like few have before.

Mercury Studios CEO Alice Webb said, “EPIX is the perfect American home for these dynamic yet very personal portraits of Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie. As they celebrate their 60th anniversary, we couldn’t be prouder that EPIX viewers are getting exclusive access to The Rolling Stones through these specials.

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