K-pop group Aespa’s ‘Girls’ album breaks records and makes history

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Aespa is a K-Pop girl group that has gained popularity around the world. They have regularly broken records since the release of their last album. It looks like they’ve gone wild. We’re always here to update you on the band’s most recent record-breaking efforts. But first, for those who may not know, the girl group recently released their second mini-album, named Girls. With that, they finally made their long-awaited comeback, and they’ve been dominating the charts ever since.

According to the latest Circle (Gaon) chart update, the band may have made history with their album. Well, that’s what happened! Aespa’s album Girls has reportedly sold a total of 1,645,255 copies and is currently ranked No. 1 on their monthly sales chart, according to their July monthly update. Girls previously set the record for the K-Pop girl group’s debut album to sell one million copies, selling a total of 1,126,000 copies in its first week after its original release on July 8. According to data provided by the Circle chart, Aespa’s album has now surpassed all previous K-Pop girl group albums in sales.

This record was previously held by YG Entertainment’s BLACKPINK, whose album The Album has sold 1,506,730 copies in total. Now that they have sold 1,645,255 copies of their latest album, Aespa has surpassed them. Not only that, but by charting at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 album chart, they even reached the top 10. The Girls are only the third K-pop girl group to do so, which is remarkable. . Additionally, they made history as the first K-pop girl group to chart two top-20 albums on the Billboard 200.

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