“It was effortless for him”

On a new appearance on Speak louder Podcast, LA Firearms singer Phil lewis talked about Axl rose recalling the musician’s contribution to AC DC on their live show and revealed the name who could have performed better than him in AC DC.

AC DC is a rock band formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1973. The founders of the group were the brothers Angus and Malcolm Young. Always rocking the rock scene, AC DC has released 17 studio albums at press time. The last album of the group Power on was released in 2020.

Over the years, AC DC has undergone several compositional changes. At the beginning, the group set up a formation which includes the singer Good Scott, drummer Phil rudd, and bassist Marc evans outraged Young brothers. With this line-up, AC DC released their first studio album from 1975, High tension. After their debut, AC DC fired the band’s bassist as a replacement Cliff Williams. Since, Williams played on each AC DC album.

One of those line-up changes happened when Brian johnson resigned from the group due to hearing problems in 2016. At the time, Guns N ‘Roses singer Axl rose had joined AC DC during the group Rock or bust toured and fit the group perfectly.

Recently, Phil lewis discussed Axl rosethe decision to play with AC DC during a conversation with the singer Jason mcmaster. Opening of his commentary on Axl rosethe performances with AC DC, Lewis Recount Jason that he would have performed better than Axl rose, while saying that he liked Pinkthe performance of.

“Your voice is legendary,” he says. “When Axl replaced Brian [Johnson] in AC / DC, I supported you. I think you would have done a much better job, personally.

Lewis mentions Axl Rose’s contribution to AC / DC

Later then, Phil again mentioned Pinkthe contribution of AC DC. He shared his honest opinion on Axl rose and says he is the singer of the singer. Say that playing with AC DC was effortless to Pink, Lewis also addressed BrianIt hurts to say that it’s hard to play live shows for someone this age.

“Axis [Rose] is the singer of a singer, ”he adds. “People who don’t sing don’t understand, because they think he sounds twangy and has that funny vibrato, but he’s a singer-songwriter. We’re talking, like, seven octaves.

“He did this AC / DC thing on his head; it was effortless for him. You can’t help but feel bad for old Brian blowing up there.

“I shot with him [Brian], and after about the third or fourth night it hurts. It’s hard work for anyone, especially someone this age.

“Yeah, Axl just came in and did it but you could have done it too, though.”

Back in December 2020, Young calf had revealed the main truth behind AC / DC’s decision to go with Axl Rose replacement Brian johnson. According to him, it was one of the best moments.

“It was an unfamiliar situation, and there was a lot to think about,” he says. “You’re on tour, you have a whole big machine with you and you don’t know how Brian’s situation is going to play out. Now, maybe if we have somebody, another singer, maybe we can finish these dates.

“I thought there probably wouldn’t be a chance to regroup for a long time, so maybe it was better that we just do it and go through it.

“But when something like this happens, I don’t think there is a good solution where everyone is happy, I guess.”

In November 2020, Brian johnson was also one of those who talked about Axl Rose’s collaboration with AC / DC. To say it was fantastic, Johnson had sent him his respects.

“He jumped into a tough and tough singer gig,” Johnson said. “You have to be in top form for this.

“There aren’t many places to rest. You really have to go all out all the time.

And for him to do this in such a short time was pretty fantastic. I have a lot of respect for what he did, you know. Lots of respect.

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