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British rock band Marillion are asking fans to shoulder £ 150,000 in costs associated with their upcoming UK tour as they cannot find insurance on the open market.

The 10-date tour, which was scheduled to start in Hull on November 14, would be canceled if any of the group’s five members were to self-isolate due to Covid. But the group would still have to honor payments for lighting, transportation, and crew.

All major tours and entertainment productions are normally insured against cancellation due to illness or death, but the high level of risk associated with the pandemic has led insurance companies to refuse to offer coverage or to charge bonuses that groups and promoters cannot afford.

Many UK festivals and other events did not take place over the summer due to a lack of Covid-related cancellation insurance.

Marillion enjoyed mainstream success in the 1980s with singles including Kayleigh and Lavender. Their latest album, An hour before it gets dark, is expected to be released in early 2022.

Lucy Jordache, the group’s manager, said: “We haven’t played live since the start of the pandemic, and losing such an amount of money would be absolutely devastating. We tried to ensure the tour, but it turned out to be impossible. No business wants to take the risk.

Fans of the group are asked to promise money which will be kept in a secure deposit and returned to them if the tour goes as planned. “But if we have to cancel because of Covid, then their money will be used to pay for unavoidable expenses,” Ms. Jordache said.

Whether their money is ultimately refunded or not, each person who donates will receive merchandise or opportunities to interact with the group.

In 1997, Marillion used fan support to purchase a tour of the United States, which Jordache said was the first major online crowdfunding instance.

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