GWAR and Fanaply Announce Partnership with Digital Collectibles for Group First NFTs



GWAR and Fanaply have announced a partnership with digital collectibles for the iconic heavy metal band’s very first NFTs. Fanaply, one of the industry’s leading music, sports and entertainment NFT developers, will create and distribute GWAR’s official NFT collection. The limited edition collection is available for purchase now at, and in the GWAR merchandise store, here.

GWAR’s Official NFT Collection features 3 different NFTs, complete with music and brand new original digital art by GWAR’s Matt Maguire. The NFTs in partnership with Fanaply will all be created and backed by the Ethereum blockchain so that they are guaranteed rare and unique. Each NFT will be available to all fans for direct purchase at affordable prices, from $ 20 to $ 250.

GWAR lead singer The Berserker Blóthar had this to say about the release: “Our manager Sleazy P. Martini told me that with these NFTs our fans will get cool, original, never-before-seen GWAR art. before, and they may own a small piece of the GWAR universe. He also tells me that if we sell enough, I will be able to buy a lot of fried fries.

“We’re excited to bring limited edition digital assets to the incredible fans of iconic band GWAR. Said Grant Dexter, co-founder and CEO of Fanaply. “NFTs provide bands with a new and creative way to express themselves to their fan communities, while enabling these fans to collect, commemorate and celebrate the band’s creations through our digital collectibles. Our NFTs are built for fans – they’re inclusive, eco-friendly, and give fans true digital ownership for the first time. “

GWAR Official NFT Collection:

* Scumdog Legionnaire – Only 10 limited edition NFTs available, direct purchase for $ 250: The rarest honor a human can get is to fight (and quite possibly die) alongside the Scumdogs of the Universe. The privileged few who have obtained this privilege have now become a legend!

* Slave of GWAR – Only 50 Limited Edition NFTs available, direct purchase for $ 40: Only the creme de la creme human is selected by GWAR to access slave status. In the past, the only way to achieve this honor was to spend years in the physical service of GWAR. Now there is a shortcut.

* Bohab 4 Lyfe – 250 NFT limited edition available, direct purchase for $ 20: Bohabs are humans who revere our lords and masters, GWAR. Some claim that the Bohabs are a secret cult, dedicated to chaos and abandonment. Some are right. Now you can prove you’re in their midst with this entry-level NFT.

The very first GWAR NFT collection will be produced and sold by Fanaply, a leader in the development of NFT of the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment for the world’s biggest fans. In 2021 alone, Fanaply launched official NFTs for American Express and Grammy nominated artist SZA, NASCAR 23XI Racing and JTG Daugherty Racing teams, Kentucky Derby 2021 and Churchill Downs Racetrack, NHL New Jersey Devils teams, Nashville Predators and Florida Panthers and Misfits Gaming Group. In 2019, Fanaply announced its first effort in the events and live entertainment space through a partnership with Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, fueling their digital collectibles program.

Fanaply has the most environmentally friendly NFTs and has built a system that significantly reduces the impact of energy consumption. Fanaply believes the future of NFTs is an accessible future, where people can actually afford to buy and buy with credit and debit cards.


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