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The Grayson County High School Marching Band heads to the Kentucky Music Educators Association semifinals on Saturday.

This past weekend the group performed at the Regional Class 4A West competition in Hopkinsville at the Stadium of Champions.

Ashley Bell, Group Director of GCHS, said this year KMEA has changed the rules so that the top six groups advance to the semi-finals, not the top eight.

GCHS finished fifth with a score of 76.3. Bell said they were at a slight disadvantage as they were the first group to perform that day.

“We had to go out on the court first and you never really want to be first… the judges tend to recall their scores a bit,” said Bell.

The group’s show this year is called “Constricted”. Bell said it was loosely based on a boa constrictor, where the group uses certain movements and props to give the illusion of a snake. The show progresses until the props and color custody have “tightened” and surrounded the group.

Using feedback from the judges of the Hopkinsville performance, Bell said the group will be implementing changes and improvements, including music dynamics and changing some visuals. She said they’re also rewriting the closest visually to give it more impact.

This season, Bell said the biggest challenge has been the holes in the rehearsals. As COVID-19 quarantines for students occur, this causes holes in the repetition of walking that can be difficult to manage. Bell said there was a performance where they had 16 holes.

“Our participation has been much better lately which is also why I think we have been able to perform better as most of our children seem to have passed the quarantine hurdle,” she said.

In addition to KMEA, the last performance of the season is the Bands of American Grand Nationals at Lucas Oil Stadium at 6:30 p.m. on November 12.

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