Goodnight, Texas Details New Album “How Long Will It Take Them To Die”, Shares Single


“No need to stay in the middle of the road, just go one way or the other before you get hit by what might have been,” GN, Avi Vinocur of TX said of the new single.

By Nate Todd October 1, 2021 12:35 p.m. PDT

Folk-rock group Goodnight, Texas will release a new album, How long will it take them to die, January 21, 2022. The band also shared the single “Dead Middle”.

Goodnight, Texas is led by multi-instrumentalists Avi Vioncur and Patrick Dyer Wolf. The group takes its name from the small Texas town of Goodnight, located halfway between Vincour’s home in San Francisco and where Wolf resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. While Goodnight, Texas’ latest studio album, Driver, arrived in 2018, the band switched to metal in 2019 for Badnight, Texas – Live in San Francisco, the heavy metal capital of the world with metal renditions of songs from Goodnight, Texas (Vincocur has also collaborated with Metallica lately.)

In March 2020, Goodnight, Texas released another live album, Living in Seattle, just before the global pandemic, captured at the Tractor Tavern and featuring a change of composition with the bassist Adam nash handling of lead guitar and pedal steel and newcomer Chris Sugiura replace it on bass. Another former bassist, Scott Griffin Padden, now play the drums.

The newly created range can be heard on How long will it take them to die single, “Dead Middle”, which Vinocur detailed with The Boot, who created the track. Read his words below:

Dead Middle is about that ambiguous middle ground where you have to make a decision. Purgatory decision. Do we stay together? Or go in opposite directions? Should I quit this job? Should I get up and move to Nashville? I think we’ve all been there in one way or another. The best decision is almost always to move on. If you are still not sure after enough time, something is wrong. No need to stay in the middle of the road, go one way or the other before you get hit by what could have been.

Listen to “Dead Middle” below:

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