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If you don’t know who GerkOne is then it’s good that you clicked this article because the talented young man is currently the face of Canadian hip hop music. The rapper started gaining his deserved recognition in mid-2020 and is currently causing a stir in Canada. He is originally from Windsor Ontario in Canada. His passion for composing and recording music dates back to 2007. He was mentored by J-Finn, a veteran artist from Detroit, who allowed him to work his way through the industry into the limelight.

He released his first hit hit in 2020 titled “No Limit”. His views were extremely high on platforms such as YouTube and other music streaming sites. “I didn’t expect to hit the kind of numbers I did right away.” This was GerkOne’s first reaction to his sudden success. However, he was very happy and grateful as it prompted him to keep working hard and advancing in his skills and creativity. The fact that countless people loved his music was the boost he needed to keep making better music. Thus, the year 2020 turned out to be in his favor. After his success, he released his next track “Real As It Gets”. This has been even more recognized than the previous one due to its advertising by world famous Star Hip Hop and as a result has been featured in many articles and websites. This further contributed to his opinions and popularity.

GerkOne’s composition “No Limit” was added by The Game, who is a certified multi-platinum recording artist. He added the song in the mixtape called “Who Got Game”. Soon after, Jadakiss’ appearance on the song “Big Bad Bruin” also contributed to its popularity. The single featured the album “Pardon My Attitude”, which was GerkOne’s first album released. If you don’t know who Jadakiss is, he’s a famous American rapper from New York. GerkOne’s debut album performed quite well, surpassing 200,000 views and streams in the first month of the release itself. The numbers continue to rise even today on many streaming platforms.

Even the deadly pandemic, which interrupted the careers of many people, could not harm GerkOne. He took advantage of this time to make his next album entitled “Pardon My Atti2ude”. He’s released some very intriguing teasers and plans to release the entire album in the middle or end of 2021. Fans can’t keep their cool as we get closer to D-Day! To stay informed, follow him on Instagram:

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