For the Australian music industry in 2021, the only constant is change


Anyone who has made London their home is familiar with the unusual flow of buses. You wait half an hour, then three come at a time. Right now the Australian music industry is a lot like those red movers. You wait a year, then it all happens suddenly.

Outside of the pandemic, a time of boredom for some and sheer panic for many others as their livelihoods disappear, the industry has been struck by unprecedented shock and admiration.

This week, Denis Handlin left from Sony Music after 51 years of service, including 37 years at the head of the national subsidiary.

Handlin boss Rob Stringer informed staff it was “time to change direction,” although his statement did not give specific reasons.

After a year of flirtation and misery inflicted by COVID, of waiting and worry, 2021 is the year of change.

Earlier, we suddenly lost Michael Gudinski, the legendary founder and president of Mushroom Group.

Gudinski was the idea of ​​all international leaders of an Australian promoter, the King of India, a larrikin and a force of nature. We have a new CEO at Mushroom, in Matt Gudinski, Michael’s son.

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ARIA earned its first female CEO in Annabelle Herd, a television industry veteran. Herd succeeded Dan Rosen, the new president of Warner Music Australasia.

Shortly after entering the music industry, Herd was instrumental in gathering representatives in Sydney for a one-of-a-kind conversation on the ‘process of cultural change, with an immediate focus on sexual harm, harassment and systemic discrimination in Australia. music.”

A temporary working group of volunteers came out of this first session on May 24. Change is underway.

Handlin’s departure from Sony Music was nothing short of seismic, the news of which circulated in the mainstream media and caught the attention of countless observers who rarely have a glimpse of the music industry.

According to Stringer’s memo to staff, further announcements on the “new direction of our operations in Australia and New Zealand” will be made in due course. More change is coming.

There is another English expression that sums up this year in the Australian music industry. It never rains, but it pours. Or better yet, the only constant is change. And change creates opportunities.

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