Fail, embrace the little creatures in a new video for “Headstand”

Fail, hug the little creatures in a new video for

In anticipation of their next album Wild type droid, the space-rock trio released a music video for their single “pear tree, “what Alison Alber said to”harsh sounds and rather soft vocals, making it a perfect contrast that shows off the songwriter talents of the cult California rock band. The futuristic notes offer a fresh take on rock music and may get fans excited about the band’s future and the album’s upcoming release in December.

In the video, the gritty voice of singer (and for this video, director) Ken Andrew accompanies close-up clips of insects wandering and inspecting the earth, from ants to praying mantises to crickets. Each insect brings a different intensity, whether it is the strength of the numbers carried by the ants or the uninterrupted gaze of the praying mantis.

The group made the album announcement in August, and the final product will be shared with fans on December 3. Earlier this year, the group contributed to a Fugazi cover album, Silence is a dangerous sound, as well as groups such as La Dispute, Tsunami Bomb and more. In addition to contributing to covers, the band has been covered through well-known artists: Hayley Williams of Paramore, in particular, covered their song “The nurse who loved me” in March.

Photo credit: Raymond Flotat


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