Eddie Vedder takes over REM, Prince with Impromptu Band



Eddie Vedder made his unexpected debut with a new band last night at the Ohana Festival in Southern California.

Teaming up with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, ex-Chilis and now Pearl Jam touring guitarist Josh Klinghoffer and many others, Vedder performed an hour-long set list that included REM covers. , Pretenders and Prince.

You can see a full list of sets, along with a video from the show, below.

Vedder, who was already scheduled to headline the festival tonight solo and tomorrow with Pearl Jam, took over Friday’s headlining duties at the last minute following Kings of Leon’s withdrawal due to illness (and ultimately the death) of their mother, Betty Ann. . Vedder dedicated a version of his solo single ‘Long Road’ to Nathan, Caleb and Jared Followill and their mother. Vedder also included a cover of Kings of Leon’s debut hit, “Molly’s Chambers”.

Also appeared alongside Vedder, his 17-year-old daughter Olivia, who joined him for a performance of “My Father’s Daughter”. Additionally, the band debuted “Long Way”, a track that will appear on Vedder’s upcoming studio album, Earthling.

Watch Eddie Vedder reprise “Drive” from REM

Watch Eddie Vedder perform “My Father’s Daughter” with his daughter Olivia Vedder

Eddie Vedder, September 24, 2021, Set List

1. “Drive” (REM cover)
2. “Long road”
3. “Molly’s Chambers” (Kings of Leon cover)
4. “Porch”
5. “Long road”
6. “Tender thanks”
7. “The Father’s Daughter” (with Olivia Vedder)
8. “I’m One” (cover of The Who)
9. “Corduroy”
10. “Better Man” (first chords only)
11. “Precious” (cover of suitors)
12. “Purple Rain” (3rd verse and outro only) (Prince cover)

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