Don Everly of rock ‘n’ roll pioneers The Everly Brothers dies at 84


Don Everly, of the famous Everly brothers, has died at the age of 84.

A family representative confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that Don died at his home in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday.

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Don and his late brother Phil formed the harmonious Everly Brothers, known for songs like “All I Have to do is Dream”, “Bye Bye Love” (their first single), “Cathy’s Clown”, “Wake Up Little Susie, “and” When will I be loved. “

“Don lived according to what he felt in his heart. Don expressed his appreciation for the ability to live his dreams … Times of the family.

Rock’n’roll’s first very influential siblings found success in the 1950s and 1960s, but as the 1960s really took shape with the British invasion, Beatlmania, and the hippie / counter-culture movements, the Everlys found themselves in a strange situation, Don once said. .

“When Phil and I started, everyone hated rock & roll,” Don once said. Rolling stone. “The record companies didn’t like it at all – thought it was an unnecessary evil. And the press: the interviewers were always older than us, and they let you know that they didn’t like your music, they were just doing the interview because it was their job. Then came the 60s, and all of a sudden everyone got really young, and if you were over thirty, they didn’t trust you.

Phil said he felt like he was not adjusting to his time.

“The 60s were not my cup of tea,” he said Rolling stone. “I never bought this philosophy that, you know, we are all brothers and that will solve everything. And I never believed that music dictated the times. I always thought it reflected them. We were. Against the grain back then, and there was a lot of confusion about our direction. Maybe we just lost the freshness of it all, lost interest. “

The Everly Brothers and their music had a huge influence – including on two young songwriters from Liverpool, England – Paul McCartney and John lennon of Beatles. Addressing Phil’s death in 2014, McCartney shared his admiration and praise for the group.

“When John and I started writing songs, I was Phil and he was Don,” McCartney said in a Facebook post at the time. “Years later when I finally met Phil, I was completely star-struck and at the same time extremely impressed with his humility and sweetness of soul. I will always love him for giving me some the most beautiful musical memories of my life. “

Neil young inducted the Everly Brothers into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, alongside a prestigious first class of music icons, including Chuck berry, James brown, my holly mate, Sam Cooke, Jerry lee lewis, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Ray charles.

Don and Phil broke up the band in 1973 (Phil smashed a guitar on stage in Southern California), and Don continued solo success, releasing several albums and also working with British guitarist Albert Lee.

The Everly Brothers reunited a decade later, starting with two reunion concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London. McCartney also ended up writing a song for the couple – “On the Wings of a Nightingale”, which appeared on their album. EB84, after a request from musician and producer Dave Edmunds.

“Dave said it was the most difficult phone call he’s ever made because you always ask McCartney for something,” Don previously told Rolling Stone. Paul said if he could find something he would call. Dave forgot about it, but about six weeks later the phone rang, and it was McCartney. He said, ‘I think I did. have one. ‘”

Younger Brother Everly, Phil, who died in 2014 at the age of 74, due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the Los Angeles Times Previously reported.

Dave Davies, half of The Kinks, reacted to Don’s passing via Twitter on Sunday, writing: “Very sad day. The Everly two were a part of my musical life growing up. We were inspired by their wonderful records, singing and vocals. Wake Up Little Suzie was my favorite as a child. #DonEverlyRIP #doneverly. “

Other artists shared their condolences after learning of the news of Don’s death.

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