Did Jae Park’s tattoo announce his departure from Day6? Fans spot shocking details

2022 started off as a shock to Day6 or MyDays fans as one of their most favorite members, Jae Park, announced his departure from the K-Pop boy group. Jae’s agency JYP Entertainment released a statement confirming the same and revealed that the decision was made to respect Jae’s personal wishes after lengthy discussions. Meanwhile, eagle-eyed fans discovered a shocking detail in a photo of Jae’s tattoo, where he allegedly predicted his departure from Day6 long before it happened.

JYP Entertainment said, “First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize for bringing this sudden news to MyDays who have continued to support DAY6. For personal reasons, DAY6 member Jae will be leaving the group and his exclusive contract. was terminated on December 31, 2021. After a long discussion with Jae, we have decided to respect the artist’s opinion and have entered into his contract. ” They further added, “Although our relationship with Jae has come to an end, JYP Entertainment will continue to encourage Jae’s new beginnings for its future. We promise to continue with our full support and efforts for the business of DAY6 and request the continued love and support of My days. “


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Jae, real name Park Jae-hyung, is a 29-year-old K-pop musician of Argentine-American descent. He has been part of the rock band Day6 since 2015 and has a proven track record as a singer, songwriter and lead guitarist.

Despite her success with Day6, Jae had previously hinted at her possible departure by writing an elaborate letter to her fans thanking them for their unwavering support. In the letter, he mentioned that he was considering a breakup with the group and promised to return with more stellar performances. However, it now appears that Jae Park’s journey with Day6 ended tragically.

Jae Park’s tattoo showing 1597 – 211231 (Twitter)

Meanwhile, a close-up photo of Jae’s tattoos emerged on a popular online community as an anonymous member posted the same with the caption, “1597 means the first day (of day 6 ) (September 7, 2015) “. Fans of Day6 were quick to spot a strange and shocking motif in his tattoos that sparked speculation if his departure from Day6 was planned in advance.

Earlier in September 2021, Jae had a tattoo of a series of numbers “1597-211231”. Now fans have speculated that 1597 means the first day of Day6, which is September 7, 2015. Similarly, 211231 must mean December 31, 2021, the same day Jae announced his departure from Day6. “Didn’t he write this because he wants to remember it? Of course, it’s a natural feeling to be upset about leaving. But leaving is also part of the process of leaving. ‘love,’ remarked one of her loyal fans.

While there has been no official confirmation of Jae’s late tattoo, it remains to be seen if he had been planning her departure for a long time.

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