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The Dave Matthews Band made their first Hollywood Bowl appearance in four years with two nights to wrap up their summer tour on the 19th and 20th. Last year, DMB played the Five Point Amphitheater in Irvine, CA. The show lasted almost 2.5 hours with a total of 21 songs. The two setlists were very different and the first night started with “#41”. The third song was a cover of “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin, but the song had actually never been performed live by them, but in 2005 Robert Plant performed with Pearl Jam and Jason Bonham did it. performed live with his Led Zeppelin experience. DMB played it a few times on this tour and Carter Beauford plays it perfectly, being one of the hardest songs to play live. DMB is Dave Matthews (vocal guitar), original members Carter Beauford (drums) and Stefan Lessard (bass), Tim Reynolds (guitar), Jeff Coffin (sax) who replaced original member LeRoi Moore after his death in 2008, Rashawn Ross (Trumpet) and Buddy Strong (Keys) who joined the group in 2018. There were also a few surprises.

The set included hits like “Satellite”, “You & Me” and “Jimi Thing”. A small orchestra was released for four songs beginning with “Squirm” and was followed by “When the World Ends”, “Steady as We Go”, and “What You Are”. After the orchestra left, DMB played Dave Matthews’ only solo song of the night “Stay or Leave”. For the last song before the encore, violinist Anne Marie Simpson came out and it was clear which song would be played. After Boyd Tinsley was fired in 2018, there was no permanent replacement. It was none other than “Ants Marching”, which is DMB’s second most played song on Spotify with nearly 75 million plays. The encore was “Rye Whisky” and “Grey Street” by Tex Ritter.

It’s been four years since the band’s last release Come tomorrow which was number one after six other number one albums. First version of DMB Under the table and dreaming went 6x Platinum followed by Accident which went 7x Platinum. This was followed by Before these crowds Streets which went 4x Platinum and was the first of seven consecutive number one albums. DMB also had a number of live albums, including venues such as Red Rocks, The United Center, Wrigley Field and the Hollywood Bowl. Fans can expect a new album in the future, as Dave Matthews said in an interview with American songwriter “I think we have a great track record. I was like, we finished, for now, the recording and then we mixed and my friend, Rob Evans, who was really the force behind doing it and has been a great, you know, it wouldn’t have happened without him and it was fun to work with him and so basically we just have to put him in the bag and send him out into the world.

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