Coldplay kicks off contagious new BTS collaboration in New York



NEW YORK – Coldplay is once again turning to the cosmos with its latest single.

Seven years after reaching 10th place on the Billboard Hot 100 with “A Sky Full of Stars”, assisted by Avicii, the British pop-rock group have another sure-fire hit with the brilliant “My Universe”, their highly anticipated collaboration. with the K-pop sensation BTS. Hours before the song’s release on Friday, singer Chris Martin premiered a solo version of the contagious anthem on Coldplay’s Sirius XM and Pandora radio show at Harlem’s iconic Apollo Theater.

“You, you are my universe / And I just want to put you first,” Martin sings over the rising chorus. “And you, you are my universe / And you make my world light up inside.”

“My Universe” was produced by Max Martin and features lyrics in English and Korean. It was one of the few new tracks that Coldplay performed at Thursday’s intimate 90-minute concert, ahead of the release of their new album “Music of the Spheres” on October 15.

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Martin described the charming “Human Heart”, featuring R&B sister duo We Are King, as the song he hopes Coldplay remembers, before embarking on the exciting, hard rock “People of the Pride”. The band closed the gig with 10-minute “Coloratura” on their next effort, which Martin playfully called “Coldplay doing its weird stuff”.

The charismatic leader was a total joy to watch throughout the 13 song set: dance, laugh, and in an instant, scatter jokingly. He paused in the middle of the song on more than one occasion to happily apologize for a minor mistake or make a point that the audience sounded better than him. (Spoiler alert: we didn’t.)

“The four of us have been together for 25 years,” Martin said of his bandmates. “At some point in every gig, one of us will totally destroy it. And it’s normally me.

Coldplay's Chris Martin performs Thursday at the Apollo Theater in New York City.

The show was packed with Coldplay’s first staples, including “Clocks,” “The Scientist,” “Fix You,” and “Yellow,” which Martin stripped down and performed on his own on acoustic guitar. At one point, he even mixed “Paradise” with a delightfully unexpected piano version of Ginuwine’s sultry and sultry “Pony”.

In the early evening, Martin thanked the crowd (vaccinated and mostly unmasked) of around 1,500 people for braving the rain to be there. He then kindly paid tribute to soul icon James Brown, who recorded his 1963 album “Live at the Apollo” in the famous venue.

“We’ve been dreaming of playing here for a long time and we didn’t think it could happen,” said Martin, introducing crowd favorite “Viva La Vida”.

“This next song, we’re going to play in honor of James Brown, because he was the king.”


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