Chicago band Miirrors make alternative rock anthem with glitter and promise


The Chicago Miirrors group has cultivated an aura of mystery. Photos of them are hard to find and they have even been reluctant to confirm their staff. Still, some information has leaked since they started releasing singles a few years ago, and now we know the core of the band is multi-instrumentalist Brian McSweeney and drummer Shawn Rios. And although they are a bit shy in the spotlight, they don’t hide much of their influences. McSweeney’s rising tenor voice and brilliant atmospheric production of the band vibrate intensely between the landscapes defined by Radiohead and Automatic for the people– REM era Mirrors’ most well-known release to date is a 2019 cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Gunshot Glitter”, with drummer Matt Johnson (who recorded and toured with Buckley) providing the engine for an ocean blast of schmaltz. rock that manages to out-emote the notoriously expressive singer-songwriter’s original version. “Sinistry,” released in February 2020, has a more rousing beat and gritty guitar grain, while retaining an anthemic tone large enough to level the stages. A live version of the song on last spring’s quarantine charity compilation Location Chicago 2 (Quiet Pterodactyl) indicates that the group is more than ready to reproduce their polish on stage. You can never predict the whims of a fickle audience, but as Miirrors works on their full debut album, they certainly seem to have all the elements in place to be the next big thing.

Mirrors, Moritat, DJ Quin Kirchner Thu 11/11, 9:30 p.m., Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia, $ 12, 21+

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