Austin music group will host “Músicos Unidos Para Votar” in Frontera

A group of musicians will be heading to the Frontera Beer Garden this weekend, aiming to unite eligible Laredo voters through their love of music.

“Músicos Unidos Para Votar” will perform on Saturday, September 24 at the local beer garden and will feature performances by EDM artist Cumbia RayBurger, Tejano singer Veronique Medrano, and Mariachi Arrieros. Doors open for the event at 11 a.m.

The Laredo Event is a series of free musical rallies across Texas that stops in El Paso, Laredo and McAllen, areas known to have some of the lowest voter registration rates in the state.

“The outcome of local and state elections affects many lives. If we don’t come out to vote, someone else is going to make the choices for us,” RayBurger said in a press release. “We hope the community will come out to have a good time and listen to great music, but also take the opportunity to register to vote and check for issues on their local ballots.”

So while organizers certainly hope to provide lots of fun and music for Laredo families, they also have a secondary goal in mind: to register people to vote. With this in mind, voter registration will be offered on-site at the event, with a pool of Deputy Voter Registrars available on-site. A voter education speech will also take place to open the event.

“Music and the arts have always been a vehicle for change and through our unity and artistic expression, we hope to encourage people to raise their voices and change the course of our local border communities,” said Véronique Medrano. “Registering to vote and making knowledge accessible is a way for us to use our art as a vehicle for revolution and equity for Latinos and Hispanics in these regions.”

The “Músicos Unidos Para Votar” tour continues Sunday, September 25 at McAllen Texas at Cine El Rey from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

The event is a collaboration between Austin Texas Musicians and Arching Dog Productions. For more information, visit them online at and

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