Amy upsets fans by attending Confederate fundraiser

1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton shocked fans by posting a disturbing photo of herself showing off at a fundraiser for the Confederate Railroad.

Amy Slaton from 1000-LB Sisters shocked fans with an article about participating in a fundraiser for the Confederate Railroad, which is actually a rock band. For the most part, Amy has been popular among viewers mainly due to her caring personality. But after a recent Instagram post, fans are questioning Amy’s political beliefs.

Amy is one half of the TLC show as she and her sister, Tammy Slaton, documented their weight loss journeys for three seasons. As most fans know, Amy did her best to lose weight and qualify for her gastric bypass surgery. Viewers were impressed with Amy’s commitment to her health, especially because she wanted to start a family. Now with a son and another baby on the way, Amy is becoming more comfortable in her own skin. She recently opened up about her struggle with food addiction and even shared a bit more of her Southern roots.


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Amy’s roots in Kentucky were no problem 1000-LB Sisters until a recent message found its way into the eyes of fans. Amy took to her Instagram to share a photo while attending a fundraiser at the Historic State Theater Complex. Amy shared with fans that she had a blast after attending a fundraiser for the Confederate Railroad. Fans quickly learned that Confederate Railroad was a rock band from Georgia. Like many groups in the South, they were asked to change their name due to their offensive nature. But it didn’t help that Amy’s nephew was also pictured wearing a Trump 2020 hat.

viewers of 1000-LB Sisters quickly took to the comments section to express her displeasure with her post. While many chastised her for attending such a concert, others wrote that her views should come as no surprise, especially with the way she was raised. Subscribers pointed out that Amy and Tammy’s YouTube pages had previously supported ideas like this. Amy was once arrested at Walmart for theft, and as fans learned, the girls grew up in a tough neighborhood deep in the South where those ideals are still held in high esteem.

Since the insulting post, many followers of 1000-LB Sisters called on TLC to intervene. While it’s unclear if the network would go so far as to cancel the star, fans believe TLC should release a statement about the event. As for Amy, she has yet to apologize for the post or remove it from her feed. Only time will tell if Amy decided to learn that supporting a band with such a racist name was worth the risk or not.

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Source: Amy Slaton/Instagram


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