“America’s Got Talent” Video Preview: The Gangstagrass Group


When “AGT” airs its fifth audition episode on Tuesday, June 29, get ready to meet an inspiring group named Gangstagrass. This group of men from all walks of life got together 11 years ago and hasn’t stopped rocking together ever since. As the group explains to the host Terry’s teams, their goal in coming to the world’s biggest reality TV show is to prove through “quintessentially American music … that we have common ground.” Watch the “America’s Got Talent” preview video above.

The guys take the stage and explain their mission to help America overcome some of its divisions, to whom Heidi klum cheers, “Ooo, I like that. Yes!” Simon cowell said ‘Good for you’ before adding, ‘Two minutes can change your life on this show. “

Gangstagrass performs their original song “Bound To Ride”, which begins with your typical bluegrass / Americana sound, complemented by guitar, banjo and violin. But then two of the men come forward and start rapping, and Howie mandelthe mouth opens in shock. Sofia vergara starts to groove with the song, clearly enjoying what she hears.

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At the end of “Bound To Ride”, the four judges rise to a standing ovation. “It went so fast!” Heidi sighs, to which Howie replies, “I love her.” Terry, from his backstage position, sums up the sound beautifully when he notes, “It was like ‘Hee Haw’ hip hop.”

The “AGT” clip pauses before the judges give their comments, so you’ll need to tune into NBC on Tuesday, June 29 at 8:00 p.m. to see if Gangstagrass advances to the next round. Fun fact: If they end up winning the series, they will become the first group to win on “America’s Got Talent”.

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