7 movies like ‘Studio 666’ for more musicals

Workshop 666 is a horror-comedy that stars iconic rock band The foo fighters as they take on an ancient evil that has possessed their leader, Dave Grohl, while recording their 10th album in a haunted mansion. An over-the-top, over-the-top hard-rock comedy horror comedy directed by BJ Mc Donnel, Workshop 666 is the latest film to blend genre cinema and rock music, with the horror genre being particularly well-matched with jaw-dropping adventures of good, evil and heartbreaking guitar solos!

Now, if you liked the movie, here are seven more movies to watch after. Workshop 666.

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Tenacious D in Fate’s Choice

Tenacious D in Fate's Choice
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A fantasy musical that tells the highly fictionalized origin story of the cult comedy duo Tenacious D, Jack Black and Kyle Gass play the role of a pair of talented but directionless musicians who are sent on a mission by the god of metal Ronnie James Dio to start the “greatest band in the world”. Together, they embark on a heavy metal adventure to possess the mythical “pickaxe of destiny” and dominate the world with metal.

In many ways, a precursor to Workshop 666the suitably ridiculous Tenacious D in Fate’s Choice features the D’s patented lowbrow humor, celebrity cameos like Ben Stiller and Tim Robin, crushing comedy rock anthems and even Dave Grohl as rockstar Satan. Directed by Liam Lynch, Tenacious D in Fate’s Choice flopped at the box office but lived on as a cult classic.



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From New Zealand comes the awfully named Mortgasma black metal horror comedy that features Milo Cawthorne as the leader of a teenage black metal band. When the band come into possession of a forbidden song called “The Black Hymn”, they conjure up a demonic apocalypse through their doom-laden sounds. Now they must find a way to rid the world of this evil, if they don’t destroy themselves first.

With buckets of blood and heavy metal riffs to spare, Mortgasm mixes violent splatter festival carnage reminiscent of peter jacksonThe early work of with an explosion of heavy metal riffs and patent Kiwi humor. The results are one hell of a lowbrow exploit that horror and heavy metal fans will greet with many devil horns.

Uncle Peckerhead

Ruby McCollister, Chet Siegel and Jeff Riddle in Uncle Peckerhead
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A director-independent horror comedy Matthew Jean Laurentwith a hilarious title Uncle Peckerhead centers on a small punk band named Duh who are ready to embark on their first tour. Needing a van, the group meets the friendly but mysterious Uncle Peckerhead, who volunteers to be their driver and roadie. Soon, the Duhs discover that when good old “Peck” hits the stroke of midnight, he transforms into a man-eating monster.

Gloriously gory with a healthy dose of laughs and a pounding punk rock soundtrack, Uncle Peckerhead surprisingly contains a good-natured wit throughout its comedic grizzly and bloody shenanigans, with David Littleton particularly good as the main character, a man with a heart of gold and a monstrous appetite to match.

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charity please

The cast of Trick or Treat
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The culmination of the 1980s heavy metal horror subgenre, charity please stars Mark Price as Eddie, a bullied teenager who is devastated when his heavy metal hero, Sammi Curr (Tony Fields) dies. When Sami rises from the grave with evil intentions, it’s up to Eddie and his misfit friends to stop Sami and his plans for destruction.

Inspired by the “satanic panic” hysteria that raged in the 1980s, the Charles Martin Smith directed charity please takes the teen slasher formula and mixes it with a supernatural heavy metal tale that’s never boring, featuring Field’s performance as satanic metal god Sami Curr and the hard rock soundtrack of highway, keeping things alive. Metal god cameos Gene Simmons of To kissand the “Prince of Darkness” himself Ozzy Osbourne further establish the credibility of the film’s metal.

Bubba Ho-Tep

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Directed by horror legend Don Coscarelli, Bubba Ho-Tep tells the story of a very lively, elderly and disabled man Elvis Presley (Bruce Campbell) who is living out her twilight years in an East Texas nursing home. When an ancient Egyptian mummy begins feeding on the souls of unsuspecting elderly residents, it’s up to Elvis and his friend Jack (Ossie Davis) – who claims to be John F. Kennedy – to destroy the mummy and free the trapped souls of their friends.

A horror comedy as wacky as it is entertaining, Bubba Ho-Tep especially works thanks to the fiery performance of Bruce Campbell, who gives his Elvis a contemplative depth without sacrificing the badass that made Presley “the king”. Creepy horror cinema blends with goofy comedy to make this a cult classic unlike anything else.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

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A powerful parody of musical biopics such as Ray and walk the linethe Jake Kasdan directed Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story stars John C. Reilly as Dewey Cox, a rock and roll superstar who creates every rock genre and overcomes every obstacle to become a music legend.

With a surprisingly high quality soundtrack of comedic yet catchy songs, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story also features a handful of well-known actors and musicians who have become music legends, with Jack White like Elvis Presleyand Jack Black and Paul Rudd like Paul McCarney and John Lennon (respectively) being the highlights. It’s Reilly, however, who steals the show as the talented but silly Cox, changing the world with his country-tinged rock songs while battling his demons one step at a time.

To help!

The Beatles help
Image via United Artists

After the critical acclaim A hard day’s Nightthis second film starring the legendary English rock band The Beatles is a crazy musical adventure in which the drummer Ringo Star becomes the target of a sinister cult. It’s up to the other members of the Beatles – John Lennon, Paul McCartney and george harrison – to save Ringo.

A film much more fantastic and comic than A hard day’s Nightthe Richard Lester-directed To help! saw the Fab Four flex their comedic muscles with Marx Bros. slapstick-style storylines set in 1960s London. The band’s effortlessly charming acting performances are carried by their music, which includes the classic hits “Ticket to Ride” and, of course, “Help!”


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