5 K-pop groups with more than one leader and the reason behind it

When a group of people from different backgrounds come together to form a team, it is essential to have a leader – one who can guide everyone and avoid and help in conflict situations. This is the simple logic behind having a leader in a K-pop group.

K-pop groups are notorious for having “way too many” members. Sometimes having many members can put pressure on a leader – ensuring that every member is heard and supported can become difficult for one person. While most bands have one leader, there are few bands in the industry with multiple leaders for various reasons.

Here is a list of 5 K-pop groups with more than one leader.


Credits: SM Entertainment

NCT is a South Korean boy group under Sm Entertainment, consisting of 23 members. The group is then divided into several sub-units. Having these many members with subgroups releasing music one after another, or sometimes even at the same time, can be difficult for a leader to manage.

All fixed subunits have a different leader. Taeyong is the overall leader of the NCT and the NCT 127 unit. The Chinese sub-unit, WayV is led by Kun. When it comes to NCT Dream, although the members said that Mark is the leader, Jeno is also considered the captain. Since NCT U is not a fixed subgroup, who acts as the leader depends on the members participating in the particular release.


K-pop groups have more than one leader

SEVENTEEN is a thirteen-member boy group, and just like NCT, it is divided into three sub-units, each with a different leader. S.Coups leads the whole group with the hip-hop unit consisting of Mingyu, Vernon and Wonwoo.

The vocal team is led by Woozi and includes Jeonghan, DK, Seungkwan, and Joshua.

Finally, the performance team consists of The8, Jun, Dino, and leader Hoshi. Above all, Hoshi accompanied by the other members is responsible for the choreographies of SEVENTEEN.

K-pop groups have more than one leader
Credits: PLEDIS Entertainment

With three members as leaders, PLEDIS Entertainment decided to create another subgroup named SVT Leaders. In 2017, the unit debuted with the single Changean R&B and pop song with hints of EDM and trap.


K-pop groups have more than one leader
Credits: Swing Entertainment

Kep1er is a nine-member girl group created through the survival show Mnet girls planet 999. The group debuted in January 2022 with the EP First impactand first single WA DA DA. Choi Yujin was chosen as the leader of the group not only because she is the oldest member, but also because she has first-hand experience of being an idol and the struggles that come with it.

Japanese member Mashiro was announced as the group’s co-leader due to the leadership qualities she possessed throughout the show’s run. She was almost always chosen as the leader by the other participants of each newly formed group for the upcoming challenges.


K-pop groups have more than one leader
Credits: YG Select

TREASURE is a twelve-member boy group under YG Entertainment. The two oldest members of the group, Hyunsuk and Jihoon, take on the role of leader together.

During a press conference held a few hours before the release of the group’s debut album, Jihoon explained, “We were told that having two leaders would be the best option, so I was chosen as the leader along with Hyunsuk. Together we create a good synergy effect as leaders.

“I’m grateful to be able to lead the team with Jihoon. I believe we can move in the right direction because all the members agreed with one heart,” Hyunsuk added.

5. NFB

K-pop groups have more than one leader
Credits: News1

ONF is a seven-member boy band. It has two leaders the same way NCT ​​and SEVENTEEN do. The group is divided into two units – ON and OFF, with the leadership position assigned to Hyojin and J-US respectively.

In August 2017, ONF held their first showcase and member Laun explained the concept behind the group.

“The NFB is divided into two teams. The ON team and the OFF team each have three members. The ON team has a brilliant image with an emotional voice as a key point. The OFF team has a charismatic image focused on strong dance performances,” he said.

He continued, “The ON team leader is Hyojin and the OFF team leader is J-US. This is why we have two leaders. I am the ‘&’ part of ON&OFF. Laun is not on any of the teams.

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