The benefits of borrowing money with advice

A new trend has been observed on the mortgage market, which is on the rise, according to the latest news reports. To pay less advisory costs when taking out a mortgage, more and more consumers are using the option to arrange a mortgage without advice. This procedure, execution only, has been common practice for some time when it comes to taking out loans.

The mortgage market now follows. Condition for borrowing via execution only: you must have sufficient financial knowledge.

Borrowing without advice is complex

Borrowing without advice is complex

Whether you are going to borrow money for a house, for a kitchen, bathroom or caravan, borrowing can be complex. Certainly if, for example, you are going to do a major renovation in your house or you want to buy a second (holiday) home, it is complex to arrange the financing yourself.

To take out responsible loans, you need to look further than just the interest rate. An adviser points out any risks and ensures that you can possibly benefit from the optimal tax benefit. He gives you a customized proposal; borrowing with advice is not complex and often provides benefits for the customer.

Lead time for loan request

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Certainly at online providers, the application process until the loan is paid out is short. The throughput speed does not therefore have to be a reason to borrow via execution only. Furthermore, it is a misunderstanding that borrowing with advice is more expensive than arranging a loan yourself without the intervention of an adviser; with us you also pay no consultancy and closing costs. The consultant can also tell the customer exactly which documents are needed for the quotation enabling the customer to deliver the complete file.

Mediation with advice: the most suitable loan

Mediation with advice: the most suitable loan

In summary: the application process for a loan to payout is equally fast in both mediation with and without advice. Also with borrowing with advice you pay no extra costs for this advice. Great advantage of borrowing money from a mediator who advises: you have the most suitable tailor-made loan for simple but also for complex loan applications that require specialist financial knowledge.

Contact our adviser if you too want to receive a personal proposal without obligation. You get a permanent advisor who you can always fall back on; that is not possible with execution only.