Prevent expensive loans? Compare your loan!

The interest rate has been falling since 2012. For your savings that is not so nice. But take out a loan. Who does not want low interest rates for his personal loan or continuous loan?

Yet in practice it appears to be rather disappointing with the low interest rate. Especially if you want to borrow money from one of the big banks. Our advice? Compare your personal loan or ongoing loan !

Low interest = low costs

What about the falling interest rate? The interest that you pay for your personal loan or continuous loan depends on the market interest rate. The market interest rate is the interest that banks pay when they borrow money. The money that they then lend to their customers.

A low market interest rate means that banks incur lower costs when borrowing money. You would notice that when you take out a loan, you would say. Unfortunately, customers hardly notice that the market interest rate has fallen considerably in recent years.

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Would you like to take out a personal loan or continuous loan ? When borrowing money, many people choose the bank where they have their checking account.

This strong competitive position gives the large banks little reason to lower their interest rates. According to a financial specialist from the Radar consumer program, the interest that banks pay for borrowing money has fallen two to three times as fast as the interest that is subsequently passed on to the customer.

Compare loans

Compare loans

But there is more to it. Many people take out a loan when they take out a loan. They take out a loan without looking beyond their own bank. While comparing loans can save you a lot of money! Just because borrowing money online is generally cheaper than borrowing money from a large bank.

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We are happy to help you find the most advantageous loan. We always request quotes for you from multiple loan providers. We also take the time to explain the quotes to you. That way you can make an informed choice for a low interest rate and a loan that suits you.