Good Finance – Home Loan

Issued in Hungary after January 1, 2010:

  • construction of a new dwelling with a building permit , or
  • to buy a new home with a permit to use, you can use the “new” soccer.

A real estate is considered a new home if the buyer is the first occupant and no previous address has been reported there. The apartment for which the subsidy is sought must be of “B” or better energy class.

Purchase price / construction cost ceiling when applying for a Good Finance:

  • in the case of construction, excluding the value added tax, the cost per square meter of total net floor area of ​​the dwelling ,
  • purchase price per square meter of gross floor area of ​​the dwelling, exclusive of value added tax and land price

may not exceed USD 300,000, or in the case of low-energy housing, USD 350,000.

What can NOT be applied for at Good Finance 2012?


  • used to buy a flat , house, property
  • Unfortunately , no direct state housing subsidy can be used for the renovation, modernization or extension of a used apartment or house, including the social assistance.

The municipality responsible for the location of the property may occasionally provide some kind of individual housing subsidy, and it is worth inquiring there as well.

Who can apply for a new soccer and when?

  • natural persons (spouses, cohabitants, single persons) existing children, or
  • young couples under the age of 40 , regardless of the number of their existing children, if they have at most two children to be born. In the case of advance housing subsidies, the deadline for having a child is four years for one child and eight years for two children.
  • a previously baptized beneficiary of a previously born child may also apply for a later loan to reduce the amount of loan outstanding from the home loan agreement at the time of the application and at the terms and conditions of the home loan agreement.

Who can account for the new Good Finance?

The assisted person may apply for housing assistance:

  • after a blood and adopted child moving into this cohabitation with a new child living in, with, dependent on, and built or purchased by him or her , or
  • for a child under his / her guardianship who has been living with him / her for at least one year and who is dependent on him / her , if the claimant undertakes to repay the housing allowance in the event of the child’s custody being terminated within three years,
  • young couple standing or supported persons – regardless of the number of existing children – up to commitments for two unborn children

Additional terms of employment for Good Finance applications:

  • Hungarian citizen and a person who, under the Hungarian Citizenship Act, is a Hungarian citizen who is subject to the Law on the Entry and Stay of Persons with the Right of Free Movement and Residence, exercising his right of free movement and stay in Hungary for more than three months , and have a domicile declared in accordance with the Act on the Registration of Citizens’ Personal Data and Addresses,
  • a third-country national if he or she has the status of an immigrant or a resident under the law on the entry and residence of third-country nationals,
  • stateless persons , if the third country national law on the entry and residence of third-country nationals, has been recognized as such under refugee law or refugee or refugee status if he or she has refugee or refugee status under the Asylum Law.

When applying for a Good Finance, you must always meet the requirements for an affordable apartment.

Important legal terms and conditions:

  • Applicants must undertake a VAT invoice at least 70% of the purchase price or, in the case of construction, of the cost (budget to be submitted to the bank).
  • The claimant proves not older than 15 days of evidence at the time of the grant application submission to yourself – If spouses or life partners of at least one of the parties – at least 180 days continuously in insured health insurance records – including, if continued assurance of at least 180 days up to There is a 15 day break – and
  • is in the tax-free public debt database or certifies, at the time of lodging the application for housing assistance, that he has no public debt owed by the State Tax and Customs Administration, not older than 15 days .
  • The seller is not a close relative or partner of the claimant.
  • Applicants or subsidized persons must own at least 50% of the real estate for which the subsidy is sought.
  • Except as provided by law, the claimant and his / her family members moving with him / her may not own, permanently use, own, rent or lease a flat owned or occupied by a municipality or in a service or employment relationship.
  • The claimant and the moving house must also use the sale price of the home sold within the 5 years preceding the grant agreement to pay the cost or purchase price.
  • At least one of the claimants must be declared insured, and the claimant must be a non-debtor taxpayer.
  • Applicants must undertake a VAT invoice showing the purchase price or, in the case of construction, at least 70% of the cost.
  • Applicants must establish a residence in the dwelling once the dwelling has been completed.
  • In case of construction of a new apartment, the permit for use and the energy certificate must be submitted.

Therefore, the demand for affordable housing is:

  1. requires a minimum floor space depending on the number of children (min. 60 m2)
  2. sets a ceiling for the size of the apartment (160 m2)
  3. determines the maximum acquisition cost / purchase price for the net floor area (300/350 thousand USD / m2).

The amount of support available depends on the number of children and the floor area of ​​the dwelling, as follows:

Multiplication factors shall be used to determine the amount of aid, as follows:

  • For A-class (energy-efficient) energy class housing, 1.1,
  • “A +” (energy-efficient) apartment of 1.2 energy rating,
  • in the case of a low-energy dwelling, multiplied by a factor of 1.3.

The amount of housing support that can be claimed for a child born afterwards – regardless of the useful floor area of ​​the apartment being built or purchased – is USD 400,000 per child.

The main rules for the payment of the aid are:

In the case of the construction of a new dwelling, payment of the amount of the Good Finance:

  • in proportion to the degree of readiness,
  • ex post and
  • the last installment of the housing subsidy (construction Good Finance) may be disbursed after the permit for use has been issued

If you buy a new home, the bank pays a lump sum for the social and is part of your own resources.